#TBT: Watch a Teenage Justin Bieber Savagely Mock a TV Reporter’s Laugh

Everybody likes to throw the word fuccboi around these days like they’re Drake walking into a strip club with $50,000 worth of singles. The word has blown up over the past year or so, and fuccboi behavior has ballooned along with it.

But we found a vintage YouTube clip that proves Justin Bieber has been mastering the art of the fucc since before he could legally vote. 

Back in 2011 when he was 17 years old (and before we’d even minted the term), Justin Bieber was already acting like the textbook definition of a fuccboi, simultaneously hitting on Maria Menounos and making fun of her evil laugh. 

Savage, right?

Other highlights of the interview include Justin trolling Tom Brady for being too old to rock the Bieber do, inviting Maria Menounos to fly out to see him whenever she wants, and being too young to know what Punk’d is.  Watch it in full below:

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