Justin Bieber Posts A TBT Photo With Selena Gomez And People Can’t Even Deal

Getting over your ex is hard.  Getting over your ex when his/her face is dominating the media news cycle is even harder.  It’s been almost a year since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez called it quits, but it seems like neither of them can go a day without some journalist asking them a question about whether or not they’ll get back together.  The power of suggestion can be a very influential force, and over the past couple of months we’ve seen their answers change from a solid ‘we loved each but it’s over now‘ to ‘who knows, we’re still close.’

Against my better judgement, I have to admit that I’m just as curious about Justin and Selena’s relationship status as the next girl, especially after last night, when Justin Bieber posted a throwback photo of him and Selena from a not-so distant past when the two were most definitely boning.

Just a throwback calm down

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 At first Justin let snap go un-captioned, but after the Internet started freaking out over the fact that Justin Bieber basically just announced that he and Selena Gomez were dating again he added a, “Just a throwback calm down.”  It didn’t work.  The Internet will not calm down because why on earth would you post a picture of your ex and you together on Instagram after you’ve broken up unless you’ve recently rekindled your romance?

Last month Justin Bieber serenaded Selena with an impromptu rendition of “My Girl” in a Beverly Hills ball, and seeing as Selena was seen leaving his AMA after party, it’s clear the public display of affection didn’t rub her the wrong way.  While it’s not clear what exactly is going on between the two on again-off again lovebirds, it’s clear that it’s something. 

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