Gentlemen, This Is Why We Call You ‘F*** Boys’

Boys have lately gotten all butt-hurt about the term “f*** boys.” They insist that girls aren’t so innocent either, and that not all guys are like that. While this argument is completely valid, I don’t think guys being called f***-boys is any more offensive than chicks being dubbed “hoes,” “bitches,” and the ever lovely “woman.” If you’re not really a f***-boy, then you have no reason to get offended now, do you? So for the ladies who want to laugh at f***-boys, or dudes that want to learn how not to be one, feel free to check out below:

Back story: Michael is a promoter who contacted me via Facebook. While it was a bit strange, no reason to turn down free bottles on a Saturday night, right? However, when we met up with him, he had a posse of so many girls that we didn’t even get to skip the line, and when we finally did get in I found out that I was banned from the bar anyways (oops?). Needless to say, we left, but Michael was clearly interested in something other than being my promoter…




The tits are real sweetie, but with that attitude you probably haven’t seen any in your life to know the difference. Maybe if I had a higher IQ I could aspire to be a club promoter like you? I hear they’re great people….


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