Justin Bieber Looks Possessed While Playing ‘Pokémon Go’

Just like your boyfriend, Justin Bieber is obsessed with playing Pokémon Go.

Ahead of his Purpose Tour show at Madison Square Garden, Bieber took to Central Park in search of… you guessed it… Pokémon.

(Photos Here)

A Reddit user claims to have seen Bieber get out of a car with six body guards at around 12:30 am, but says the pop star went totally unnoticed by the crowd of 300 people. I mean, they were all staring at their phones looking for a very rare Pokémon, so that makes sense.

One Poke-person caught Bieber running with the crowd in this Snapchat video that was obtained by TMZ:

Another fan spotted Bieber on the street, staring at his phone like everyone else. “[Justin Bieber] pulled over to catch a Pokemon. 100 people in the park and no one noticed him because there was a garydos,” the fan captioned his Instagram post.

If civilians love Pokémon Go, obviously celebs will too. And while the Biebs looks like a zombie with his Poke-phone, he looks no more possessed than the rest of the world. Plus, this is better than that one time he decided to run around barefoot and befriend some squirrels.

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