Move Over Pablo, Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ Merch Is Now Sold At Barneys

Kanye West’s Pablo merchandise might’ve taken over fashion this spring, but Justin Bieber’s new high-end “Purpose” tour merch collection is already dominating summer style.

Justin created the new collection with Jerry Lorenzo of the brand Fear of God, which explains the Christian undertones present in some of the designs.

Mostly though, the merch, which will be sold at Barneys stores starting tomorrow and costs up to $1,675 (the leather jacket is the most expensive piece) is adorned by the Purpose logo, and phrases like “STAFF,” “SECURITY,” and “NO PHOTOS.”

So is Justin following in the footsteps of his buddy Kanye, and trying to infiltrate the fashion game?

Likely not.

“I’m happy and proud people are reacting to it and adopting it,” Justin said to the NY Times via a spokesman. “I don’t think of our tour merch as being ‘fashion.’ That’s a really high compliment for what it is. But I am really happy we were able to dial in to something cool the way we did.”

See 7 items from the 31 piece collection here, and shop the collection online at Barneys starting 7/16.



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