You’re Probably About To Lose Your Boyfriend To The New Pokémon Game

Girlfriends everywhere are about to be super bummed.

Why? Because Pokémon Go is the newest game on the radar of young men who love their iPhones, and dudes are becoming obsessed with it.

The game utilizes the GPS system on a phone in order to create a local treasure hunt that leads to different “gyms” in which participants can then go to in order to train and catch digital Pokemon. The images of Pokémon are superimposed onto the map screens, making it seem like you’re in a city, actually surrounded by the mythical creatures.

A Vice article titled, “Pokémon Go Isn’t Very Good But It’ll Be Huge Anyway” details the interest that it might pose for your man. While it’s apparently super glitchy, the writer admits that the nostalgic appeal of Pokémon is making this game popular on its own.

Local businesses are being encouraged to register their establishments as PokéStops, where you can chill and consume while also living in the augmented reality. And recently, the game accidentally led a group of teens to a dead body in a river in Wyoming. That’s all the information I need to not get involved.

“I’ve been seeing so many embarrassed girls with their boyfriends playing Pokémon Go,” one player I know confirmed.

So if you think your boyfriend is about to be one of the many dudes spending their time wandering the city looking for imaginary animals, reign it in before you’re pressured to tag along. Don’t believe me? Just watch. Here’s the trailer for Pokémon Go, below.

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