JinJoo of DNCE Is a Style Star in the Making

JinJoo of DNCE is one badass chick. At the age of 19, she picked up and moved from South Korea to the United States in hopes of achieving her dreams of becoming a successful musician with nothing but her talent and zero knowledge of English. Now at age 26, she stands as the guitarist of one of the most popular bands on the planet.

There are a lot of reasons why JinJoo stands out in the music scene. She’s the only female member of an all-male band, can shred guitar like it’s nobody’s business and has an absolutely killer sense of fashion. While everyone else clings to muted tones and 90’s street style, this girl marches to her own beat with eccentric patterns, brightly colored hair and a sick pair of shades at pretty much every function she attends. Just looking at her makes us want to blast Madonna in a bright purple leotard as we attempt to emulate the exact choreography of Footloose.

I recently caught up with JinJoo to ask her where she gets her fashion inspiration from, her favorite places to shop, and her recommendations for the spring season.  Take a look below.

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You’ve got a very unique sense of style, it’s almost 80’s centric. Where does your fashion inspiration come from?

Mostly Sailor Moon! It’s just who I am! My personality is my fashion. I think it comes from music that I like, because I love 80’s music and artists. I’m also inspired by different cultures that I appreciate.

Sunglasses and chokers are definitely your signature look. You have so many unique options, where do you shop for your accessories?

I shop randomly. It’s really hard to plan for shopping because of my crazy schedule, but when I go out I’m always lucky to find some cool stuff! I found some cool stuff in Tokyo!

You dye your hair a lot of different colors. How do you manage to keep it so healthy and voluminous without it drying out from the dye?

I just pray with all of my heart!

What are the key elements for a successful tour wardrobe? Are there any items that you absolutely must have with you on the road?

My combat boots! Shoes are so important! Gotta be comfy to jump and go crazy for an hour, and be stylish at the same time! What I wear really depends on my mood that day. Sometimes I wear Jack’s (Lawless) shirt.

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Does traveling to different countries influence your style? Is there a specific place you’ve toured that you were really drawn to the fashion?

I’m from Korea and there we have very strong fashion. For me growing up in that culture influenced me so much! Also, Japan has very cute street style! I definitely feel comfy walking around harajuku!

Do you have a favorite item that you’ve bought while on tour?

I really love my chokers!

Spring is coming up! What are your essential fashion and beauty products for this season?

Colors, colors, and more colors! Bring out something funky! It can be earrings, it can be a skirt, it can be shoes, or it can be just your lip color! Try something new!

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You moved here from South Korea when you were 19 without any knowledge of English. What was it about the American music scene that drew you into coming here?

I believed there were more musicians from different countries like me in America. I just wanted to learn from different types of players and experiences! And, listening (to) all those amazing artists from America drew me here too!

You’ve toured with CeeLo Greene, Charli XCX and Jordin Sparks. How is touring with DNCE different than those experiences?

Before DNCE, I was in the shadows. In DNCE, I’m in the spotlight!

DNCE made a cameo appearance in Grease Live. If the band could go back in time and perform in a film from a different decade, what would it be and why?

To be in Purple Rain with Prince would be amazing!

Lastly, female guitarists aren’t heard of too often and you’ve definitely become a role model for young girls who may want to play in a band. Do you have a memorable experience with a fan on the road?

So many experiences! Meeting fans who say that I have inspired them makes my day, and I truly believe that is my purpose – Inspiring young people!! It’s an honor, and shows me that I’m doing something right.

Photography and Interview By Keri Dolan

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