Brace Yourself: Capri Pants Are Coming Back

Fashion is disturbing right now.

Kendall Jenner is wearing jean cut-offs with attachable ankle cuffs, kitten heels are supposedly making a comeback, and sweatpants are being worn with heels.

But fashion isn’t finished wreaking havoc on our lives this year, in fact, it’s arguably just getting started.

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It’s latest blow? Capri pants. Yep, they’re coming back with a vengeance, at least according to the Instagram account of style bloggers like ManRepeller.

Here’s your leggings look for today. Corresponding workout class very much not required. (📸 @rehes)

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For obvious reasons, this is unsettling. Unlike jean skirts, I think most of us can agree that we never looked wistfully upon our capri-wearing days of the 2000s and missed the cropped pants that looked horrible with every shoe combo.

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But at the same time, we should’ve seen this coming. After all, jeans have been slowly getting more and more cropped, traditional yoga pants are overdone, and in the current fashion climate: everything goes.

And while capri pants aren’t the most flattering things on many people, we have to admit that some of the capris available are kind of cute.

Like, just look at these millennial pink ones?


J Brand 835 Capri Skinny Jeans, $228


Or these Nike joggers that look like the perfect thing to throw on when you’re hungover and need brunch?

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Nike ‘Gym Vintage’ Capris, $45


Or these very 90’s J. Lo jeans.

 missguided_denim_capris_galoreMissguided Blue Sinner High Rise Seam Detail Cropped Jeans, $45


Or these cropped version of your fave yoga pants?

Nordstrom ‘Go To’ Capri Leggings, $26


Clearly, the key to easing into this trend without looking tragique is to make sure the pants are super tight and hit your mid-calf instead of right below your knee, mom-style.

Whether you love capri pants or hate them, they’re just another 2000’s trend returning with a vengeance these days. Try them at your own risk.

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