Bella Hadid Is a Corpse in New Photo Shoot

Bella Hadid has often been accused of not being able to show any emotion on her face, so Terry Richardson decided to have her play an actual corpse in a new photo shoot.

In just-released photos from her upcoming spread in Porter Magazine, Bella Hadid channels a corpse from an iconic painting. You’ll probably recognize it if you paid even a little bit of attention in that art history class you took because you incorrectly assumed it’d be a cake walk.

The painting’s called Ophelia and it was made by some now-dead dude named John Everett Millais in 1852.

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#BellaHadid for Porter Magazine Summer 2017. Photographed by Terry Richardson.

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Now you probably know Ophelia’s a character in one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, but just in case you didn’t read Hamlet in high school cuz you were too busy having sex or something, here’s what you need to know.

Ophelia is the #1 beauty in Denmark who almost had it all.

Against all the odds, she had the good fortune to fall in love with a boy one day destined to be the king of Denmark.

Seriously, Ophelia was poised to become the Kate frickin Middleton of Denmark, except her handsome prince had to go and fuck it all up by losing his mind.

Although TBH, you can’t really blame Hamlet for going a little cuckoo because in the span of like one month his dad dies and then his mom turns around and marries his dad’s brother.

Long story short, things don’t work out between them because Hamlet decides he has to focus all his time on plotting the perfect murder and Ophelia gets so sad about it she goes flower picking and then decides to drown herself.

It’s very sad and a good reminder to go see a therapist if you’re taking your breakup a little too hard.

TBH, it’s kind of rude of Terry Richardson to make a recently single Bella Hadid put herself in the shoes of somebody who literally kills herself over a breakup, but hey, that’s art for you.

At least I can say this, death really becomes her.

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