These Trends Scream “It’s My First Coachella”

Coachella season is nearly upon us, and we only have a few weeks to plan all of our outfits for stunting on the Empire Polo Field.

And for some of us, it might be our first year going. You remember the excitement of your first year, and all the meticulous planning that went into your trip (and the assembly of all your drugs for the weekend).

But most of all, you def remember all the rookie mistakes you made along the way: forgetting sunscreen or falling into the trap of $5 water bottles because you forgot to pack your own.

Some of those mistakes, especially when it comes to Coachella fashion, could have been avoided if you just knew what to expect. So, to help you avoid looking like an amateur at the ultimate music festival where everyone dresses to impress, here are a few fashion mistakes only rookies make.


1. Face Jewels/Bindi

In the post-woke culture that we live in, I really shouldn’t have to explain to why wearing bindi isn’t chill. But aside from the cultural appropriation factor, nothing screams “this is my first Coachella” like some multi-colored face jewels. You know what I’m talking about, as they seem to have been adopted by every sorority in America as part of a ritual.

Besides, they’ll probs sweat off halfway through the day. Instead, wear some other cute jewelry that’s real and not adhesive, which leads us to our next Coachella fashion no-go…


2. Fake Jewelry

Wearing fake, meaning not made of real metal, jewelry is a huge mistake. I once wore a giant, trendy (at the time) statement necklace to complement my crop top and linen shorts, but by the end of the day, my neck had become a swamp, literally green from the fake metal and all.

Even though it was cute for Instagram, it definitely wasn’t worth hassle of having to go all the way to the bathroom in the afternoon mid-set just to wash off the green gunk and sweat. The best option might just be to not wear jewelry at all. That’s one less thing to clean dirt off of, but if you must wear jewelry, just make sure it’s real.

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3. Open-Toed Shoes

This might be the most common rookie mistake that’s made.

Without having been to Coachella before, you might think that because it’s essentially in the desert, you should be wearing open-toed shoes. However, the second you get to the festival grounds, you will realize that the amount of dirt outnumbers the grass and by the end of the day, all of that dirt will end up in your cute AF fringed sandals and ruin them.

To avoid accumulating the entire polo field in between your toes, wear comfy sneakers like Converse or Stan Smiths with really good socks. Not only will you be able to last throughout the whole day, you’re good to slip on a pair of heels and go to all those afterparty ragers.

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4. Heels

From the above point, it should only be logical that heels should also be avoided. They will sink into the grass and dirt, and if you’re planning on catching any of the music sets, I can’t imagine standing for so long in heels would be comfortable.

If you want to wear shoes that make you taller so you can see through the crowd, go for a platform shoe. A platform wedge even will do, just no heels.


5. Tights or Leggings

One of the worst feelings you can experience is getting really hot and swampy, and tight clothing only makes that situation worse. Regardless of how cute they might be, wearing tights or leggings to complement that crop top might not be a great idea.

Instead of trapping yourself in with your sweat, because you will sweat (that’s just a fact of desert life), wear loose flowing shorts or a shorter skirt. But, if you’re wearing a skirt, make sure to not wear a thong underneath. The wind still blows in the desert, and sometimes those gusts can be unforgiving.

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6. Flowers or Feathers in Your Hair

Ugh, so unoriginal. Feathers are tipping the edge for cultural appropriation, and flowers are so overdone (thanks Lana Del Rey). The best option would be braiding your hair, because not only is it out of the way so you can see the shows, it’s also not hot and causing extra sweat.

I know that especially if you’re camping, your hair can get pretty gnarly by day three. Just make sure that you bring dry shampoo, or wear a bandana if you’re worried about your hair getting gross.


7. Maxi Dresses and Skirts

While cute and boho chic, you might want to reconsider wearing that floral maxi dress. It’s only going to drag along the ground and get dirty. People are going to step on it while you’re in the crowd and watching a set, and nothing’s more awk than having to interrupt someone else’s festival experience to tell them to step off your skirt.

Besides, that skirt will not be cute after you have to hike it up just to use the bathroom.

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