Jez Dior Says The Internet Is To Blame For Our Relationship Problems

Music is going through a transitional phase lately. A phase where Drake samples Latin beats (and Tyga tries to copy them), and one where soul singers belt out lyrics over EDM beats.

Jez Dior is listed under the Hip-Hop/Rap category in iTunes, but the internet dubs his style as “grunge-rap,” the grunge half which is largely influenced by his famous punk-rock father, Steve Dior.

There’s no doubt that Jez raps, but his energy, guitar laden beats, and and lyrics are a bit more rock n roll than what you’d hear from another rapper. Not to mention that his style is reminiscent of Kurt Cobain’s grunge looks from the 90s, complete with bleached hair and fur coats.

We caught up with Jez to talk “grunge rap,” rapping while fucking, and how the internet is to blame for our culture’s relationship problems.

How has your dad influenced you in your musical career, albeit a different genre?

He greatly influenced my love for guitars, as you will hear we try to incorporate them in almost all of my music. I would watch him play everyday in this shed that we had in the backyard where he had his amps set up along with most of his drug paraphernalia that he hid from my mom. It was like a little rock n roll part of our house where only the boys were allowed in.

Your music has been dubbed “grunge rap,” do you think that your clothing style follows a similar genre?

My style is always changing to be honest, but the common thread is that I always just wear what I like. I don’t care if it’s trendy or who is dressing similar. I think that describes the mindset I have when I approach creating music as well. I get inspired by so many different places, people, movies, etc. I love changing it up so I never get bored with what I’m wearing and my fans musically know that everything I release will be unique and hopefully resonate with them.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

Trash and Vaudeville in NYC is where I get all my leather jackets from, but out here in Hollywood it’s amazing how much cool stuff you can find for like three bucks at the thrift shops. Occasionally I’ll find some cool pieces at OAK too.

You have the “painting nails” emoji on your hand, was there a certain reasoning behind this?

It was during the time when I was recording records like “Who Drank My Whiskey.” I was heavily influenced by older rock n roll culture and had started to paint my nails on the regular, so I started using that emoji all the time and it caught on with my fans. It’s still the number one used emoji on my iPhone today, I love it.

Your fans call themselves “Funeral Crew,” where did that name come from and what does it signify?

Funeral Crew is for the kids. We are the ones who never fit in, the ones who always wanted to be a part of something bigger, the ones who don’t give a fuck about all that hype-beast bullshit, the ones who aren’t the cool internet kids, the ones who just really love music.

Your latest single, “Forever” discusses how we want to believe that love can last forever, but that’s not usually the case. Do you believe that we would have better relationships if we didn’t try to hold on forever, get married, etc?

I’ve never been one to care much about the labels. There is someone in my life that I’ve had an unspeakable amount of ups and downs with over the course of many years, but at the end of the day I know that her & I will always love each other & that’s what matters to me.

Our generation seems to have so many more dating problems than our parents did, why do you think this is?


What’s the sexiest thing a girl can wear?

An Inter Milan jersey & nothing else… I have quite a few, just saying.

What’s your biggest turn on?


Turn off?

If you can’t hold your alcohol.

Who’s your celeb crush?

Jessica Alba & Rihanna forever.

What’s your favorite food for a first date?


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever been asked for in bed?

Some things must not be spoken of, but one time this girl demanded that I rapped my songs while doing the deed. Sorry mom.

Freakiest DM you’ve ever gotten?

I constantly get DM’s that say “Love Me To Death” because of my song, but I also get a million foreign girls saying super freaky shit in broken english which is always amazing because half the time I’m not sure that they are aware of what they are actually saying to me.

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