Alysia Brunst On How To Make Thrift Store Outfits Look Expensive

What’s the one place you can find a bomb-ass outfit for under $10? Goodwill. Okay, so maybe your local Goodwill is more like a charity junk shop than a high fashion destination. But hey, even the rich and famous donate their tired clothes (sometimes with the price tag still attatched), so with a good eye and a chunk of time, you can seriously find items to treasure. That’s why Alysia Brunst literally cannot resist a Goodwill. You might not have thought that a hip model/fashionista would have a wardrobe full of 5 dollar finds, but she’d rather sift through the endless racks than shop online. “I always keep an eye out for hidden gems,” Alysia told me. She took to the streets of Hollywood to show off her favorite finds, and gave tips for curating your own thrift store couture wardrobe.

What’s your best thrift store find?

Best thrift store find?! Every thrift store find is a special one! However, I’d have to say my best find is this long denim button down vest/dress. It was one of this pieces I passed up and ended up thinking about for the rest of the day, so of course I went back to get it. Had to! It’s such a big blank canvas that I think I’m going to get crafty with it and add some paint and patches.

Favorite way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe?

Colorful shoes or sunglasses! I used to have colored hair, so adding color was never a problem. Now that I’ve gone to the dark side, some colorful shoes or fun shades are the perfect addition.

Are there any cool, new trends you’re currently obsessed with?

I have this thing with turtle necks right now. Patiently waiting for it to get colder!

What’s a basic trend you’d never be caught dead in?

That criss-cross tie up bodysuit deal! It’s so cute which but I just see it everywhere.

Dressing up or dressing down?

I love both! Dressing up is so fun but dressing down has no rules!

Photos: Deena Mostafa

Styling: Stephanie Janetos

Model: Alysia Brunst

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