What Does Our Obsession With Grunge, And The 90s In General, Mean In 2015?

Fashion trends are here one day, and thanks to sites like Tumblr, reblogged and hearted for eternity.  One trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon is the 90s, specifically grunge.

Tumblr recently published its list of the year’s most reblogged fashion trends, and grunge topped the list, followed closely by the trends that have embraced it, hipster, indie and alternative.

Of course when Tumblr says the most reblogged fashion trend is grunge, it means that in as loose of a way of possible.  Although we associate grunge with distressed denim, oversized flannels and combat boots, at the time grunge was an anti-fashion movement, more closely aligned with the IDGAF attitude of the punks than with the primped and polished styling of today. 









Although 2015 also saw the rise of fashion trends like goth, kawaii and korean fashion, it’s clear that the 90s dominated what we wore and searched for in 2015 (and probably will continue to do so for 2016).  But why?  Is it just because pop culture is currently obsessed with everything the 90s ever touched, nostalgia for our childhood/the adolescence we never had, leftover excitement from Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, or is it just because most of us can’t be bothered to take as many showers as we should and so even when we’re at our most put together we still look a little bit dirty?

Until I find the answer I’m looking for, I guess I’ll just have to keep combing through Tumblr, burying myself in an endless pile of grunge.

All photos via Tumblr.  

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