J Romero Is So Hot, People Think He’s A Catfish

J Romero is far from your average musician. First off, his favorite movie is The Notebook, and he’s not just saying that so he can get laid. Trust me, his looks are enough to get him laid on him own.

In fact, his looks are so good that girls in his DMs constantly think he’s a catfish. He also lives in Arizona, which is a breath of fresh air from every other creative type who either lives in NYC or LA.

Plus, he’s real af when it comes to talking about sex, dating, and what goes down in the DMs. We talked to J Romero about how to score via Instagram, why girls who eat hot wings are sexy, and his lit ass record company. We also took some sexy ass photos.

You live in Arizona, how long have you lived there?

I moved out here from The Bay area when I was five, so all my life basically.

What are some placed that someone should hit up in Arizona if they’ve never been?

Old Town Scottsdale. That’s where all the clubs and bars are. They could also go to slide rock, which is like a rock and lake and they can slide down it. You could also go to Sedona which is a really nice relaxed place. It’s legit red clay, no dye or anything. Obviously the Grand Canyon. It’s a hole in the ground, but it’s still nice to go to.

Have you ever used any dating apps in Arizona?

Never. I use Instagram and Snapchat or whatever.

Do you get any DMs?

Barely. Not to sound cocky or anything. I probably get as much as you do.

If you’re not using dating apps but you see someone on social media, what’s the best platform to try to scoop a chick up from?

Probably Instagram. It’s kinda hard now too because everything is like catfish. My best way of meeting someone would be in person. But if I see someone I like I definitely will contact them through a DM. But also Snapchat because you actually have to post videos so it has to be the person that’s actually on video.

Yeah, it’s way harder to catfish on Snapchat.

Or Insta-snap now! They’re making it hard for the catfish. I get that a lot, that they think I’m catfish. I get that all the time. It’s like, they’re acting like I have a million followers.

So on DM they’ll be like “oh you’re not real?”

Even when it’s past DM and the phone numbers have been given out, they still think I’m a catfish and they don’t believe me.

Will they be asking you to send certain pictures and poses?

I mean I’m not going to do all that but…they’ll be like “yeah, put a sign up that says ‘I love you’ and put a peace sign up,” I’m like, “no.”

So going on the other side, if a chick is trying to hit a dude up, or say she’s on Bumble or something. What do you think is a good pick-up line for a girl to use that makes her look casual and not too aggressive?

Like not make her look like a thot?


I don’t know…I don’t really judge people. I don’t care if she slept with 300 guys, that doesn’t necessarily make you a thot. That just means you have needs. A [good] approach from a woman would just be like, “hi, how are you doing?” See I think when a girl hits a guy up it’s usually either really dirty or really casual and the guy’s not going to believe that she’s really hitting him up because women don’t hit guys up. Guys hit girls up. Either way, if a woman hits up a man without being too aggressive, any man is going to take it as a surprise because that doesn’t happen, especially if she’s beautiful. Just say, “Hi, how are you doing? My name is…”

I feel like that’s always a winner.

Yeah it’s also super casual and like, they gotta know your name. It just shows that she’s trying to get to know you.

So what’s something non-sexual that a girl can do to turn you on?

Uhhh..eat a lot of hot wings.

That’s a great answer. Where’s the best place to get hot wings where you’re from?

There’s a place called Longhorns. I don’t know if it’s nationwide, but I’ve only seen like three here. They’re amazing. You can get hot wings and fries and cheese and you can mix all of them.

That sounds lit.

It’s super lit. That’s actually the name of my label.

I saw that! Is that a new label or has it always been called that?

We actually started it. I’m the artist signed to it, but also a third part owner of the label. It’s me, my manager who’s the VP of promotions at cash money records and one of my really good friends. We all came up with it.

It’s very of the moment since lit is the buzzword lately.

My manager came up with that and he’s 50! When he first told me that, I was like “heck no, ain’t nobody saying that.” I feel like I’m getting old now because all these kids are saying shit and I finally figured it out, I’m starting to get old. He got it from his kids because they are like 10 and 11 or whatever so he was like “they say lit all the time” and I was like “I’ve never heard of that.” But once he said that I started hearing it everywhere.

So I watched your video for “Be The One,” super catchy. Is that how it really goes down? You invite a girl over and invite your boys over and you just pop off like that?

Yeah I mean. Life is about the moment. I like living in the now and I’ll cross the bridge when I get to it. Everyone wants to have fun and be in the moment and get lit, so yeah that’s pretty much what happens. I call some friends they call their friends and we just kick back and relax. Things don’t have to be sexual, people can hangout without being sexual…even though the last part of the video gets pretty sexual but…

You gotta get sexy for a music video.

Right? We coulda put The Notebook on and cuddled you don’t know.

What’s your go-to for Netflix and chill?

Like movies? I’m either going to put a scary movie on or a romantic movie. My favorite movie is actually The Notebook.

For real?

Yeah, I’m a sucker for chick flicks. Every time I’m bawling. I just watched A Walk To Remember a couple months ago, me and my dogs just crying and stuff. My buddy was like “you really crying over this stuff?” And I was like, “man, you gotta get into it.” People wish for love like that, it’s so hard to find love like that nowadays because the way the world is built is all about status and fame. It’s all about who you know. Watching a movie like that makes me really emotional because I’m waiting for the day where that actually happens.

I’m going to chick flicks all day or a scary movie because I like being scared and if a girl gets scared then she’s probably going to want to hold me. I’m not going to do the whole secret cop to get my arm around her, I’m just going to make her come to me when I put The Conjuring 2 on. That movie is scary!

What’s something that’s left on your sex bucket list?

I feel like if I don’t say nothing it makes me seem like I have experienced everything. I don’t know. That’s a really good question. I don’t know if you’ve watched Underworld. They have sex on the mountain. He was literally hanging off the mountain while she was riding him, so I guess I want to do that.

Maybe on the Grand Canyon?

Yep, I’m down. With the echo, everyone is going to hear it.

That’s gotta be a record or something.

Straight up, the loudest moan at the Grand Canyon.

All Photos by Maddie Cordoba

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