Gabrielle Ross Talks Weird DMs & How To Get Her Sexy Legs

Even if you haven’t posted a #mancrushmonday before, you’ve certainly had an imaginary one like that hot barista at Starbucks who gives you life every Monday morning. In Gabrielle Ross‘ latest jam, she croons an ode to modern love in the digital age. Entitled “#MCM” with a guest appearance from Jeremih, it’s the perfect song for you to casually grind onto your crush with next time you see him out. We spoke to native Long Island-er Gabrielle to talk social media relationships, weird DMs, and her upcoming tour.

Have you ever posted a #MCM? If so, who was it? If not, who would it be?

Ironically, I actually have not. In my song my #MCM is also my #MCE (man crush everyday), so when I find him you can definitely look out for a post.

When’s the last time you had a crush?

Little crushes come and go, but my biggest crush was John Mayer when I was in high school, loved him.

What do you think about being posted as a #WCW? Is it cute? Or totally tacky?

I think it’s a compliment and it’s very flattering. Not tacky at all.

In your own relationships, do you prefer to flaunt it on social media or keep it private?

There aren’t many things about life that are private these days and I think that a relationship should be something intimate and personal for the most part. But, if you have a #MCM or #WCW who is special to you, definitely shout them out and let the world know you care!

What’s the weirdest DM you’ve ever received?

I once had a fan ask for my address so they could send me a carton of eggs because they knew I loved eggs! It was actually very thoughtful, but I think I’ll stick to buying my own eggs…

What’s your favorite social media app and why?

I have to say I am guilty of being an Instagram addict. My friends and family actually get mad at me sometimes and even I get mad at myself because it drains my phone battery. But, Instagram allows me to share so many of my experiences and include and interact with my fans along my journey. I love that! I love hearing from my fans and sharing advice and hearing their stories. I appreciate them so much!

If you were having a shitty Monday, how could a guy make it better?

The little things mean the most to me. It doesn’t take all that much to make me happy. I’m a very positive person, but if I need some cheering up a little surprise goes a long way! (I also love frozen yogurt…)

How do you think relationships have changed since the advent of social media? How have they affected your personal relationships?

I honestly think that social media has complicated a lot of relationships. People are more concerned about what others will think rather than how they really feel. They want their relationship to appear a certain way when it really may not be the reality. I try to keep my relationships personal and genuine so that I don’t run into this kind of problem.

You’re rocking some short-shorts in the video, how do you keep your legs so in shape?

Well first, thank you for saying that. Second, I am a health and fitness freak! I am very passionate about eating clean and working out. Going to the gym, cooking healthy food, and exercising are actually things I really enjoy so I work extra hard at them. My trainers at Willspace and my choreographers, TnT, gave me an extra push before my video shoot too.

What’s the hardest thing about dating in NYC?

Knowing when people are being real and genuine. Too many people play games. Just be honest!

You’re headed on the road this spring through Europe, what location are you most excited to visit and why?

Honestly, I’m excited for every stop! I never really got to travel much, but I always told myself when my music takes me places that’s when I will see the world. Now I’m going to all these places I’ve never been and I can’t wait. If I had to pick one place I am most excited to go I would say Paris. The title of my upcoming EP is called “Things Are Gonna Change” which is also a song off the EP. I recorded it the day of the November 13th Paris attacks and that day the song took on a whole new meaning to me. I hope this song inspires the audience at every show, but especially this one.

How do you stay healthy on the road?

It’s not the easiest, but I make it happen. If I pass a place where I know I can find something healthy I try to pick up food for my next few meals. There’s healthy food everywhere, you just have to look for it. In the UK there were plenty of places to find healthy meals and salads. The downfall is that I actually love pretty much all types of foods and especially sweets, so I make sure to treat myself and try new things every now and then. Balance is key.

What can we look out for next from you?

Definitely look out for my EP, “Things Are Gonna Change” which will be released within the next few months. And look out for me performing in your hometown. I’ll be touring all over!

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