Surprise Surprise, Katy Perry And John Mayer Are “Hanging Out” Again

Even though they “broke up” in March, according to TMZ, Katy Perry and John Mayer are still hanging out and putting their arms around each other in public. While it’s too soon to jump to the conclusion that they’re dating, it’s obvious that they’re failing at being just friends who write songs about their shared disdain for a blonde-haired blue-eyed pop star together.

The two were seen hanging out at a July 4th Grateful Dead concert in Chicago, looking like they were trying to relive some of the most basic fashion choices from their college years. Katy Perry wore a tie-dye shirt, ripped jeans, and a fedora while John opted for a bandana with a smiley face on it and a classic denim on denim ensemble.

Their fashion choices, just like the possibility of their rekindled romance, is unfortunate, but let she among us who hasn’t played this game with one of our ex-boyfriends be the first to condemn.

Just remember Katy Perry, you’re a firework, and John Mayer is just a dude who wears bandanas in public.


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