#ManCrushMonday: Aaron Carter on Dating As a Former Teen Heartthrob

Everyone remembers their first love.

No, I don’t mean your ninth grade boyfriend who you lost your virginity to, I mean your first celebrity love. Maybe it was Justin Timberlake, maybe it was Nick Lachey, but mine was Aaron Carter.

If you open up my “time capsule” that I created in 2003, you’ll find a tiny pink cast from when I broke my wrist from falling off a couch in pre-school, and a burned out glow-stick with Aaron Carter’s name on it from when I saw his concert in the second grade.

Although the days of “Aaron’s Party” and the nights of me passionately kissing my Aaron Carter poster from J-14 magazine are over, Aaron is still making tracks. His latest album will feature the single “Fool’s Gold,” and will be released without support from a label. This #ManCrushMonday, we spoke to Aaron about his current tour, his future album, and what we all miss about the 90s.


Your clip for Fool’s Gold is a far cry from “Aaron’s Party.” How has your music taste changed since you began as an artist? Who are your inspirations lately?

I mean, it’s changed a lot, I listen to a lot of different music now. Drake’s artist Majid Jordan has been a big inspiration lately.

How do you think being a teen heartthrob affected the way you view women and dating?

It probably fucked me up.

Have you ever hooked up with a former fan?


You kissed your “first love” on National Television, how do you think your first taste of romance was altered by being in the spotlight?

I have nothing to say about that, and you can quote me on that!

Who was your celebrity crush then vs. now?

Then, it was Ashley Olsen. Now, I don’t have crushes.

When dating now, do you prefer to date girls who aren’t famous?

I don’t have a preference.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for a girl?

Broken into her house and told her to forgive me.

To forgive you for what?

None of your biz-nazz!

What do you miss the most about the 90s?

I don’t miss the 90s…

You prefer to leave the past in the past?

Well, not necessarily. If I had to say I miss something it would be Furbies and Dunkaroos and Gushers.

You were on “Dancing With The Stars,” what’s the best thing about dating a guy that can dance?

I learned so much about posture, me and Karrina still perform together actually.

Do you think more guys should learn how to dance?

Nah, I don’t think other guys should learn to dance.

Why, you want to show them up?

I just think that they can stick to doing their thing and I’ll stick to doing my thing.

What’s the best gift a girl can give to you?

Her heart.

What’s your best winter date idea?

Probably just sipping hot chocolate by the fire snuggled up.

What’s your Netflix and chill go-to?

I’ve been watching a lot of Marriage Boot Camp on Netflix lately.

What song should Galore add to our sex playlist?

“Fool’s Gold,” my new single.

Do you have an album release date planned?

Not right now. I’m producing the album myself, so there is a lot of work that goes into it.

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