5 Relationships That Are Always Better In The Movies Than In Reality

It’s no secret that TV and the movies have given us some unrealistic expectations in life. From the moment we were old enough to realize we weren’t actually princesses (thanks Disney), we weren’t going to rule the school in sky high heels as part of a cutely name clique (Beware of the Plastics) and Louboutins would not be on our shopping list after moving to Manhattan (more like dollar pizza), we have pretty much accepted that even reality TV is not to be trusted as a guide to life. Unfortunately we are still plagued by the sorts of relationships we are used to seeing on the big screen and find ourselves fantasizing about what it would be like for ourselves. Yet again though, when it comes to love, real life is never glamorous and rarely stars Ryan Reynolds.

Situation Number 1: Dating Your Boss


Subtly flirting around the office and hooking up on the down low. Work suddenly becomes fun!

Can’t concentrate at work and you both end up fired.

Situation Number 2: Hooking up with Your Teacher

Super hot, smart, older man takes interest in you and then you get married after you graduate.


Not only is this frowned upon but it is also most likely illegal and even after you graduate, hooking up with an authority figure is still a scandal and not good kind of scandal.

Situation Number 3: Best Friend Threesome


You are all hot, you all love each other, and who better to invite into bed than your best friend who you have known your whole life.


Literally anyone is better to invite into bed than your best friend. After the act, the friendship is ruined as well as any future you may have had with the other party. When it comes to threesomes, stick to a stranger for the third party.

Situation Number 4: Age Difference

He’s hotter, older and wiser and will teach you everything that you have yet to learn.

You guys are on totally different levels and have nothing in common. Plus when you are 30 and in your prime he is liable to look like the crypt keeper.

Situation Number 5: Falling for your Best Friend

It makes sense, you already love them and now you can skip over the whole awkward getting to know you stage of dating!

Goodbye friendship, goodbye reationship. Goodbye dignity.

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