How To Tell If You Should Get Your New Boo a Christmas Gift

Being that it’s cuffing season, you may have started getting semi *serious* with your latest boo thang. Maybe you jumped from simply being each other’s booty calls to casually going on breakfast dates and hanging out soberly. Maybe you just finally agreed to go out with the person who’d been hitting you up for months and you realized they’re actually dope af.

While new relationships are great and all (can you say “honeymoon period?”) there is one situation this season will make you stress over: should you get your new boo a Christmas gift?

If you’re stressing, don’t worry. Just take a chill pill and think through this list.

Are They Getting You One?

This is the biggest thing. You don’t want to get them a gift and realize that he didn’t get you anything, you’ll feel dumb, and probably also pissed off. You also will make him feel bad/awkward.

Obviously, you can’t just come out with it and ask them if they’re buying you shiz for Christmas, but use your intuition. Do they seem like the type who would? Have they been asking you questions about things you want? Your sizing? Or do they seem like the type who wouldn’t even realize they were supposed to get you a gift until the last minute?

If you really can’t decipher it, consider buying something returnable and only whipping it out if they buy you something. If not, take it back.

Are You Guys Exclusive?

Once you get serious with someone, you wonder if you should drop your side-hoes. But to be fair, you only really want to drop them if you know that your bae is dropping their back-up baes also. This means that you’ll probs have to have “the talk,” which is always a shit show. But, if you’ve gone through this talk unscathed, then maybe he deserves a little gift. If you’re not sure if you two are exclusive or not, save your cash.

How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

Do you want to spend money on them? Or does the thought of shelling out dollas for them annoy you? If the latter is the case, don’t even bother, there’s a reason why they don’t deserve it, and deep down you know what it is.

Do You See a Future Together?

There’s a big difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now. Sometimes you just need someone to keep your bed warm during December, and sometimes you subconsciously think of this person when you’re taking engagement ring quizzes online. If it’s a new thing, but you can see it growing into something bigger, it could be nice to get a small gift. But if it’s kind of just a fun thing you’re rolling with right now, don’t worry about it.

Is It Just a Booty Call?

Be honest with yourself on this, if they’re just a booty call, treat them like one. Booty calls don’t get gifts, they just get booty.

Bonus Tip: Start Small

If you’re not “official” or just started getting serious super-recently, hold off on the Rolex for obvious reasons. Likewise, don’t expect them to buy you Louboutins. Consider simply getting and/or making him a card, maybe baking some cookies or buying them a candy cane, and calling it a day. That way, if they don’t get you anything, you won’t be heartbroken or out of cash, and if they do get you something, you’ll still look thoughtful.

The Last Resort: 

If you’re comfortable with them, maybe just ask them if they’re down with the idea of exchanging gifts. The worst thing that could happen is they look at you like you’re crazy, which will just let you know that it’s time for a new boo. Who doesn’t like presents?!

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