10 GIFs To Send The Guys Who Resurface During Cuffing Season

As soon as you feel the first gust of cold air, your phone starts blowing up with texts (or pictures) from hook-ups of the past. Brody disappeared for six months after you tried to have “the talk,” and now suddenly he’s texting you “hey stranger.” Daniel told you he wasn’t ready for anything serious and now he’s texting you saying “we should hang again, I miss you!”

Yep, it’s cuffing season.

Say it with me: boy, fucking bye!

These dudes don’t deserve your words. In fact, they don’t even deserve a response, but if you want to send a little something their way, try one of these GIFs.

1. For That Dude Who Just Needs To GTFO

2. For That Dude Who Thinks He’s Slick

3. For That Dude Who Needs To Prove His Worth

4. For That Guy Who Needs a Restraining Order

5. For That Guy Who Needs To Know What He’s Lost

6. For That Dude Who Ghosted You

7. For That Dude Who Creeps You Out

8. For That Dude Who Literally Disgusts You

9. When He’s Just Gotta STFU

10. When You’ve Got To Set It Straight

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