Here’s how much $$ everyone’s spending on bae this year

The only thing more important than how much bae is spending on you this year is: how much does what you’re spending on them stack up against everyone else’s gift plans?

Thankfully, RetailMeNot has come through with some stats that will let you know if you’re cheap af or doing things right.

Well, first, let’s do the good news. Men spend more than women on Christmas gifts, as they damn well should. The wage gap is real.

Men are planning to outspend women this year, with 69% planning to spend over $50 on their lady’s gift. Meanwhile, only 58% of women are planning to spend over $50. Good, ladies, keep those purse strings tight until we get equal pay!

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Now, depending on your age and income, $50 can seem pretty low. Christmas is only once a year, after all, and it’s so hard not to spoil your boo during the holidays. But it turns out that the people who are willing to spend over $50 are spending way, way more than $50. The average American actually drops $196 on their significant other’s gift.


Soooo that’s a pretty big range. If you’re in doubt about how much cash to drop on your significant other’s gift, the golden rule is to make sure you never spend more than you can afford. That’s no fun for anyone.

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