The FBI Admitted Hillary’s Email “Scandal” Is Actually NBD

FBI director James B. Comey has publicly announced that no wrongdoings were found in Hillary Clinton’s emails, according to CNN.

Hillary was previously cleared of all accusations regarding her emails in July, but late last month Comey said he found new emails that could be cause for concern. Now, just eight days later, Comey has retracted his statements and said that he was mistaken and there is no sign of anything fishy.

This news comes just before the election, and while it’s probably too late to sway your local Trump voter, it is pretty great considering “emails” have been most embarrassed Republicans’ only excuse for voting for Trump.

Comey released this information in a letter to congress on Sunday, which you can view here.

“Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton,” he wrote, which is just a shady way of saying she didn’t do anything wrong.

This information might be too little too late. Many people have already cast their vote via absentee ballot or early voting. Trump supporters have probably pissed off way too many people to suddenly flip-flop their stance. And it seems that many anti-Hillary peeps wouldn’t trust God himself if he cleared Hillary’s name, unless they saw the “emails” themselves.

So, what were in the ever-important emails? Law enforcement officials said that most messages were either personal emails or duplicates of previously examined messages, according to the New York Times.

Law enforcement officials also stated that although they weren’t initially sure they’d complete the review of the emails before election day, they had been working around the clock and chose to release the information as soon as they reached a decision, according to the New York Times.

Hey, better late than never, right?

Obviously, Comey’s statements don’t necessarily cover congressman Anthony Weiner or other Clinton colleagues who may have been doing some shady shit, but hey, we’re sick of Hillary being blamed for her acquaintances’ wrongdoings. Like, Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner aren’t running for president, Hillary is.

Regardless of if your Trump-supporting dad trusts Comey’s judgement or not, we’re happy to see that Hil has been cleared right before tomorrow’s election. Now, make sure to go out and vote! If not to save our country, to get a free donut from Krispy Kreme, obvi.

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