This Is a Song Every Girl Who’s Been Hit On By a Douchebag Can Relate To

Of all the dumb things that guys say to girls in night clubs, telling them to smile has got to be one of the worst.

What is it about guys that make them think they know what women want to do with their face and/or bodies? What makes them have the audacity to tell strangers what to do or what they want?

If you’ve ever been hit on by a cocky douchebag, this song is for you.

Artist Taylor Tucker wrote this song after being hit on in a New York bar, and you’ll know exactly what type of guy she is talking about.

“The inspiration for ‘Leather Shoes’ came when I was at a bar in Manhattan,” says Taylor. “A guy approached me at this bar with some funky white leather shoes and stories to tell for days. What really tipped me over the edge was when he asked the bartender to ‘get this little lady a drink of Goose on the rocks.’ Um, hi, I’m not little. And I don’t want a drink.”

Taylor’s debut EP, The Leather Shoes EP, will be released on July 15th. Check out Taylor’s track below, exclusively on Galore, and if by some ridiculous chance you don’t relate one bit, consider yourself very, very lucky.




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