Guys confess which of their GFs’ habits they hate the most

The Reddit men are back at it again.

This time, they tell us how they loOOOoooOve their baes but also name which annoying habits they hate the most. Some I actually agree with, but most are ridiculous AF and should be mocked.

Forewarning: If you do some of these things that are mentioned in the article, don’t get offended. This list is meant to be for entertainment, especially because people who spend their time complaining about their significant other on Reddit are one of the lowest forms of humanity. Not to mention, most of the comments are opinion based and should be taken as such šŸ™‚

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User Red_Swingline_ said

“Getting pissed off if I don’t respond immediately to their text, regardless of what I may or may not be doing when I receive it.”

What if it is important???? What if the dog died, or the your xbox got stolen? Im not saying “immediately respond” to her messages, but don’t be a prick and respond like a hour or two later. She really wants to talk to you!

User gobigred3562 said:

“Picking a fight to test the relationship.”

Yikes, I actually hate this too, unless the fights are valid. In which case, you should probably hear ya girl out instead of assuming she’s “picking a fight.” Communication is key people!!!

User [deleted] said this:

“We’re in college, one day we’re out and decide to buy a tasty treat. It’s a box of chocolates that was heavily discounted because the box was damaged. It goes to the section of the fridge where all the odd bits and pieces that can’t fit in the other sections go. There’s a jar of Char Siu sauce, half of an onion, some multivitamins, and a bottle of water. Time quietly trickles by and I keep picking away at the chocolates.”

After the birth of our first child I help myself to a couple. After our youngest graduated from college I discovered a Turkish delight I thought had been eaten years ago. The day before my 60th birthday I suffer a near fatal heart attack, the doctor is able to save my life with a highly experimental new procedure, it’s essentially an internal life support system that uses nanobots to identify and repair damage.”

To keep this system running I am required to undergo hundreds of operations, adding new bits of machinery to my body, testing the boundaries of medical science. I am dubbed the world’s first android. I watch as everybody I have ever known is ravaged by time. The year is 2617, I am visiting my old home for the first time in centuries. I open the fridge to find the box of chocolates to see if the last one is still there, the Mint Cream has somehow survived.”

“I place it in my mouth and experience an intense flashback to my life as a mortal, all of my experiences, my loved ones, I am overcome by emotion and fall to the floor. I feel a hand on my shoulder, it’s my wife “Did you eatĀ allof the chocolates!? I didn’t get any! Why didn’t you save me some?”

Okay, this is extra as hell. All of that extra-ness wasn’t needed just to say “my girl getting mad over food that isn’t hers.”Ā  This isn’t an entry for the Pulitzer Prize bro, this is Reddit.

User SloppyJoeBeaver said:

“She never apologizes sincerely. I don’t think she’s capable.”

Maybe she doesn’t feel that she is wrong? So maybe she doesn’t want to apologize for something she didn’t do? I know I wouldn’t want to.

User nginparis said:

“Always on her phone..”

Well if her boyfriend has nothing interesting to say….

User Quetzel said:

“Being the victim in every interaction.”

WOW. Ur SUCH a jerk. Why are you like this?? It’s like you’re not even trying to see her side of the story šŸ™ You’re the worst.

User genjaminfranklin said:

“Not listening to what I say when she asks me a question.”

“Like seriously if you hate the sound of my voice so bad just leave me, and if you are threatened by someone knowing more than you about something then actually get yourself checked out.”

“How do you defrost this in the microwave?”

“Just put it on the pla-“

“I know. I know. I know. I know.”


LMFAOOOO boy you sound hurt as hell. Maybe YOU need to get checked out cause sis did you a doozy in your relationship if you have that much to say over defrosting food.

In response to genjaminfranklin, user testiculese had this to say:

Or worse.

“How does this work?”


“That’s wrong”

Okay but here’s another thought, maybe you’re wrong? Maybe your girl googled it while you were fumbling to get the answer out and you said the incorrect thing and she’s correcting you?

Or maybe you’re right and she’s being difficult lol *shrugs*

User douchespringsteen said:

“Constant fucking sarcasm. Thereā€™s a place for trying to get a laugh, but when Iā€™m being vulnerable I expect empathy or reciprocated vulnerability

Guess this would ultimately fall under emotional immaturity?”

I feel this.

User Panasax had this to say:

“Expectations of grandeur. No, I canā€™t take you out to a $200 dinner at least once a month. No, I canā€™t take off two weeks of work and fly to Paris. I am not a prince, Iā€™m not a lawyer or doctor, somethings I just canā€™t do.”

BOY. Don’t you wanna live a little? See the world? Go out to dinner? You kinda sound cheap af imo. Sis is not asking to go out to dinner every week or every day, just once a month (and it’s not hard to save up for this if we are gonna be real). If you’re gonna be a broke boy kill joy, maybe you should stay single for a hot second. Also I know most jobs in America gives two weeks of vacation, so you sound like a party pooper.

User IntrntzUzer said:

“She really likes reality television which I despise with a passion.”

Okay IntrntzUzer, get off ya high horse for a second and peep some game here: We all watch reality TV, whether we admit it or not. You’ve probably watched shows like Pawn Stars (you sound like the type anyway), American Idol, Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, Fear Factor, So You Think You Can Dance, or Cops, and don’t try to act like you don’t. You and I both know you’re lying and that’s not healthy. Stop bashing things that make people (especially your girlfriend) happy, you loooozer.

User de_ja_pon said:

“When she starts wanting to be a wife instead of a girlfriend.”

I honestly have no words for this one, cause it’s just so douchey. Do her a favor and break up with her, or just let her see your Reddit post. You will be doing her and yourself a solid in the long run.

User Aspriet said:

“When I go out with the bros instead of her.”

LOL. When your girlfriend actually likes spending time with you, cares about you, loves who you are, and wants you to spend more time with her than your “bros.” What a selfish jerk amiright? *Fistbump bro*


Antikarma said:

“Breaking up with me.”

Awwwww this one actually made me sad šŸ™ Antikarma, there is a world of women out there. You’ll find the right one for you boo… one day.

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