Guys get real about whether they’d like their GFs if sex wasn’t involved

Have you ever looked at your boyfriend and wondered, “If I wasn’t so dickmatized, would I still be with you?”

Well in the “Ask Men” section of Reddit, guys asked themselves and each other the same question about their girlfriends, and their answers are pretty interesting.

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Most guys came up with the sensible answer (hooray! finally!!! Gold star for you guys) that they definitely are friends with their girlfriends and they were friends even BEFORE they started dating each other.

(also, YASSSSSSSS to @owlbread, HMU if you’re ever single boo)

Some guys were trying to flex their stuff to a bunch of Reddit users so they gave the typical misogynistic answer that a teenage boy who never had a girlfriend before would give. Take these user comments as examples:

Yikes, who hurt you? They probably are 15-year-old trolls on the internet trying to look cool but it is sad that there is a possibility that men irl think like this.

But the reddit user butterrss (cool user name, bro) gave us a new perspective on the subject. He said:

Would you want your boo to sit with you and joke about how his last fart was really ripe? Idk, it’s your personal preference but some girls I know would rather DIE than joke about nasty shit like that. Personally, my ex and I were basically best friends and if we never dated each other, we would probably still be friends today. There was nothing off the table to joke and talk about and that’s what made the relationship fun.

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If you and boo just have sex and there is nothing in common between you two, isn’t that just your fuck buddy? Or do you HAVE to have things in common with your boyfriend/girlfriend in order to make it work? If you feel like you can’t see your relationship expand past sex and it still works for you and your boo, more power to ya sis. Relationships aren’t cookie cutter, and what works for one person definitely will be different for another.

Just make sure your boo treats you right outside the bedroom as well as he does under the sheets.

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