Guys Confess They Aren’t Actually Into These 7 Sex Acts

Guys are painted as complete dogs who will stick their junk in anything and try any move their partner is down for. Just like girls are “supposed to” be innocent little virgins, guys are “supposed to” be complete freaks who are always DTF.

But it’s not always true. So we asked guys if there are any acts that they’re really not as into in the bedroom as they’re “supposed to” be, and the answers may surprise you.

1. Titty F*cking

A little over 51 percent of guys we polled admitted that they weren’t really into putting their dick in between a girl’s boobs.

“Titty fucking is so stupid and pointless,” said one dude. Another guy admitted, “Titty fucking is great in theory, not all it’s cracked up to be in real life.”

One of the real draws of this act is that you need lube or it can be painful, which another guy mentioned. Another dude even noted that porn has made titty-fucking seem like the “thing to do,” when it’s clearly not.

“Titty fucking is some macho porn fantasy that in real life just doesn’t work that well,” he said.

But the real winning survey respondent noted the key fact about titty fucking:

“Titty fucking doesn’t seem pleasurable for the female. It’s pointless.”

2. Anal

Butt stuff is really having a moment in the past few years. Who ever thought we’d hear about eating the booty like groceries on the radio? But just because it’s “trendy” to do anal, doesn’t mean that you have to. It also doesn’t even mean that all guys want to do it.

A little over 48 percent of guys said that they didn’t enjoy or want to try having anal. Which is a breath of relief for buttholes worldwide. Thankfully, it seems that lots of guys have realized what we knew all along: that anal is messy and painful.

“It’s gross and I know (most) women don’t enjoy it,” said one guy.

“I just never feel the need to explore and encounter the possible messiness with it,” said another.

Another respondent only needed one word to describe his non-desire to try anal: “poop.”

Anatomy is another good reason to stick to vag, as this respondent points out:

“Unless the girl really wants anal, I sort of avoid it. Vaginas were built for this sorta thing and I prefer it. Also anal has a smell that no one ever talks about.”

And even of the guys who have taken the brave leap down the rabbit (butt) hole, many admit it’s overrated.

“I am always down to fuck a girl in the ass, but the majority of girls I have done it with need it to be too gentle so I end up having to switch back to the vagina if I want to cum,” said one guy.

3. Getting Their Balls Touched And/Or Licked

This whole balls thing is a slippery slope. And it’s probably something that we read in Cosmo forever ago about how “all guys love getting their balls licked.” Spoiler alert: They don’t.

A little over 32 percent of guys said that they prefer not to have their balls given any attention. The majority of guys said that it’s not that they hate having their balls touched, but they’re worried things will go south quickly because they’re “sensitive.”

“My balls are super sensitive so I don’t like having them touched,” said one guy. “I’m always afraid my reflexes will betray me and I’ll kick the girl in the face by mistake.”

Getting kicked in the face doesn’t sound like an ideal way to end a hook-up, so maybe ask a dude before trying it?

“The balls are a super sensitive region — touching and playing with them can turn bad by mistake,” warns another guy.

4. 69

Okay, honestly, who really enjoys 69? It’s that position you snicker about in middle school before realizing that it’s kind of shitty in person. Besides, there are so many better oral sex positions.

About 13 percent of guys said they weren’t that into 69, saying that it’s “not comfortable” and “awkward.” True that.

5. Eating Pussy

We’ve all met a dude who claims he’s “not into eating pussy.” Specifically, “rando pussy.” He’ll say some shit like, “well I don’t really know her, so I feel like that’s too intimate.” Okay, but you’re cool with fucking her? And you’re cool with her giving you a blow job, right? This is where his argument starts going downhill.

Regardless, there are still guys out there who admit that they don’t really like eating pussy, which is fair. I mean, they’re entitled to their own opinions.

Nine percent of guys said that eating box isn’t their fave. Some said they didn’t like the smell or taste, and others claimed that they had one “bad experience.”

“I feel bad I don’t like to reciprocate oral. I feel like I’m holding a double standard,” said one guy. Well, yeah, because you are?

But we didn’t even have to school these guys, because another guy already took the liberty:

“If you think you won’t be thought of as manly if you eat pussy, you’re not as manly as you think,” he said. “You’re just a weak human with no self confidence.”

Preach, bro.

6. Pegging

It’s unlikely that you thought anything close to a majority of dudes were into this, but just in case you did, one dude made sure to make it clear that he’s not into it. He didn’t give an explanation or a reason, just said, “pegging.” You go, Glen Coco.

7. Blow Jobs

This is not the norm! But, if you really hate giving blow jobs, you should try to find a guy like this one. He seems dominant, and he knows what he likes.

“Honestly, not a huge fan of blow jobs, which I feel like I’m ‘supposed’ to love,” he said. “They’re fun every once in awhile, but I prefer intercourse. It might also have something to do with not wanting to give up control–similar to what I said earlier about getting my balls touched, I’m afraid I might lose control and hurt the other person. It’s never happened, but it scares me nonetheless.”

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to all dudes. There were plenty of guys who proudly proclaimed that “all sex acts sound fun” and that they “love anal.”

Other guys were aware of the fact that porn makes people think they want certain things, when really they don’t. For some, they even find themselves liking “non-manly” things and feeling ashamed of them.

“I do feel like I should be ashamed of the fact that I love the feeling of girls kissing me on the neck or even giving me small hickeys,” said one dude. “My middle school fantasies lived on longer than I thought they would.”

At the end of the day, sex and relationships are all about communication. Talk to your dude and you may find that he really doesn’t want to try anal, or that he loves when you kiss him on the neck. You also may find that he legit wants to try every fucking thing he’s ever seen in porn–including water sports. But I mean, what did you expect, he’s a guy.

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