I Tried Using Organic Lube, And I’ll Never Go Back To Drugstore Brands

If you know a thing or two about sex, you know that it’s always good to have a tube of lube by your nightstand (or in your purse, whatever). After speaking previously with Wendy Strgar, founder of Good Clean Love, we discovered that your fave drugstore lube may be making you more susceptible to STDs.

Wendy advised us to use her brand’s organic lubes, which are “designed to work with your body, mimicking [your] natural lubricating response.

If you’ve dabbled with all things organic, you’ll know that some organic products are fab (like vegetables), but some are kind of sad (like peanut butter). We wanted to try Good Clean Love’s products ourselves and see how it shaped up next to a non-organic lubricant.

For an accurate comparison, I tried using KY Jelly Personal Lubricant Water Based Gel first. My boyfriend got a 4 oz. tube from CVS for $7.77 (yes, even non-organic lube is kind of expensive).

Instead of using the lubes for a solo session, I decided to use them with my bf. Partly because it’d be more fun, but also because we’d have two perspectives on how the lubes shaped up (yay journalism!).

Luckily, using the regular old non-organic lube didn’t give me any irritation or infections like Strgar warned me about; but obviously every body (and vagina) has its own threshold of irritation.

One thing I noticed about the KY Jelly, which you’ll likely notice with most drugstore lubes, is that it’s pretty thick. It definitely gets the job done once you apply it to the designated area, but it doesn’t have quite the same feel as natural lubrication. Tbh, it kind of feels like the type of stuff they put on your belly during an ultrasound (and yes, I’ve had an ultrasound, so I know from experience).

Don’t get me wrong, it “worked,” if that’s the right word to use when talking about the lube. It didn’t give me a rash or any irritation, and I didn’t get any STDs.

But, that’s not to say that the KY was nearly as good as the organic lube.

Wendy sent me a sample of Good Clean Love’s RESTORE Moisturizing Vaginal Lubricant, which is sold online in a two-ounce bottle for $19.99. Even beyond the name (note: vaginal), you can see that this lube has a focus on women specifically and has been formulated accordingly.

Restore gel provides a healthy alternative which bio matches the healthiest vaginal conditions by creating an environment where healthy lactobacilli can thrive,” Wendy told Galore.

Obviously, I’m not really worried about healthy lactobacilli in my vagina when I’m engaging in foreplay, but what I did notice about RESTORE is that it really felt natural. There was none of that sticky-thick-ultrasound-esque feel that I had with the KY Jelly. The organic lube really felt like what I’m used to feeling down there, just even more lubricated.

Even my boyfriend noticing, commenting on how the organic lube didn’t feel like lube at all. In fact, if I had dabbed it on before getting busy with my boo, he probably wouldn’t have even noticed that I had added lube. Sure, this is partly because guys are a bit non-observant (especially when distracted with pussy), but also because Good Clean Love really did feel super natural.

As someone who doesn’t regularly use lube, I was very impressed with Good Clean Love. If you’re someone who does use lube quite frequently, I would recommend shelling out a few extra bucks for it. So many of us take personal products like lube and tampons at face value without realizing what’s really going into our bodies. If you care about what products are going into your belly, you should care equally (if not more) about what products are going into your pussy.

If you do decide to try Good Clean Love for yourself, I challenge you to see if your partner notices that you’re using lube. It’s that natural feeling.

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