This gross trick prevents scalp pain when bleaching your hair

If you’re going to bleach your hair blonde, you have to learn a lot of random tips and tricks to keep it healthy and prevent it from yellowing.

And then there’s the pain that can accompany the bleaching process. Yes, if you wanna go blonde to the root, it’s gonna sting — it’s bleach on your scalp, after all.

But we were talking with celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate yesterday about Kérastase’s newest offerings for French bombshell hair, and he mentioned a great tip for preventing scalp pain: go in with the dirtiest hair possible, and your scalp oils will protect you from the pain.

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Matt knows a thing or two about this, because his wife just went über-blonde. She went in thinking that a freshly shampooed mane was the best way to go, but once the bleach hit her scalp she realized that she’d made a painful mistake, he said.

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Not only do the scalp oils protect you from stinging, they also make it easier for the bleach or gloss to grab onto your hair. Recently washed hair is “too slippery,” according to StyleCaster.

I let slip to Matt that I was getting my hair bleached in three days, and he told me I shouldn’t shampoo my roots before then, which would mean I’m riding dirty for five days straight. I couldn’t handle that, so I snuck a little shampoo in, but now you know: dirty hair is the best for bleaching.

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