This Spray Is All You Need for Brigitte Bardot Sex Kitten Hair

Backcombed, puffed-up Brigitte Bardot hair never goes out of style — but it also never gets easier to do.

And we’ve all seen the root-teasing don’ts: girls at the bar or club who look like they plopped a bleached bird’s nest on their head and called it a night. It’s enough to make you never want to try again — until you’re scrolling through Tumblr or Instagram and you catch sight of Brigitte Bardot’s flawless 60s bedhead.

I’ve been obsessed with achieving voluminous roots à la Brigitte since I first laid eyes on her in a college French film class. But despite the fact that my hair’s pretty thick already, I’ve never quite achieved the Brigitte look. No matter how many YouTube tutorials, teasing combs, and products I’ve tried, my backcombing ends up deflating within an hour. Not to mention, I felt like all the teasing was really not doing my hair health any favors.

But then I tried this new Kérastase hairspray and it changed everything.

I know I sound like a QVC infomercial, but it’s literally that good. The spray is called VIP Volume In Powder Dry Volumizing and Texturizing Spray and it’s one of Kérastase’s 10 best selling products.

The directions on the can promise a “weightless backcomb effect.” I was pretty dubious about this at first — how could a spray create the same effect that an actual physical comb does? But then after one try, I was hooked.

You use the product by holding it two to four inches from your roots and spraying. Then, you muss up your hair with your fingers. The coolest part is that throughout the day, if you need a little boost, all you have to do is plump your roots up with your hands and you’ll look the same as you did on first spray.

And hypothetically if you want to skip a shampoo or two, it just gets sexier and more bedhead-y by the day. Et voilà — instant French sex kitten. Add cigarette at your own risk, though.


Photos via Tumblr

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