How Rihanna’s hairstylist made motocross helmet hair hot

When it comes to runway hair at New York Fashion Week, it can get boring real quick. You can only take so many models with perfectly rumpled “I woke up like this” waves before you start to crave some creativity, you know?

Thankfully, rogue hair genius Yusef Williams took the reins at Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma spring and summer 2018 presentation and gave us some hair looks to feast on. Yusef is also Rihanna’s hairstylist, so he’s more or less responsible for half the hair trends in the world right now. We got to go backstage with Dyson — whose amazing Supersonic blow dryer helped create the looks — and get the style scoop from the man himself.

Stylists work with the Dyson Supersonic at the SS 2018 Fenty x Puma show.

For the Fenty x Puma show, Yusef created two ponytails on each model, divided at the temple. He then wrapped neon bungee cords around the ponies, creating a sports-friendly look that’s also super cute.

“There was a strong tip to just do whatever,” Yusef told a crowd of editors (including us). “We’re not trying to be too matchy-matchy and too uniform here.”

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There were also a few models with long, mussed-up waves that went way beyond the typical undone look.

“Those girls are my motocross girls,” Yusef explained, “that just got off a bike took a helmet off. It’s gonna be messy, a little greasy, using shine products and oil to create more of a slept-on, messy hair.”

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Read on for more from Yusef about the inspiration for the Fenty x Puma looks

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Where’d the inspiration for this style come from?

The collection is based on so may cool women — like motocross, scuba divers, things like that. So it made me come up with this girl who’s not super feminine but very badass, very strong, a very utilitarian kind of concept. So there’s a little bit of softness and hardness to the hair.

A look at the bungee cord style that Yusef achieved using the Dyson Supersonic at the SS 2018 Fenty x Puma show.

What are you looking forward to this fall? Any hair trends you don’t want to see any more of?

I feel like everything has been pretty cool, usually I get tired of looks and things like that but everyone’s taking chances and I hope that continues. I just say no matter what season it is, try new things.

Can you tell us about the Dyson Supersonic blowdryer?

The Dyson is kicking butt. Because it’s so light, you never think it’ll get the job done, especially with textured hair. But I’ve been doing girls all day and its been giving me nothing but a smooth, polished blow dry.

Stylists work with the Dyson Supersonic at the Fenty x Puma SS 2018 show.

Does it work well on textured hair? Maybe with a paddle brush?

Yes, when you have textured hair, a paddle brush is the best thing. It gets the job done. And when you have a concentrator on your blow dryer, you can really focus on those specific strands and pull the hair out straighter.

Do you have any tips for slicking hair back?

I think with the bungee cords, it allows you to get a tighter grip as opposed to normal ponytail holder. I can go as tight as I could to create the look with the bungee cord. Some nice molding spray and some products make it super sleek and give it a nice shine.

If you could do any style on Rihanna that you haven’t done yet, what would it be?

Bald, thats probably our next step. Because we’ve done it all.

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