Rihanna got her “Wild Thoughts” hair from a $12 product

We all want to be Rihanna. She’s so cool, she made Puma relevant again.

But if you can’t afford the designer sweatpants and Burberry snakeskin trenches Rihanna likes to drape herself in, at least you can afford this $12 hair product she used to get her wet-look curls in the “Wild Thoughts” video.

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The wet look is notoriously tough to pull off, but hey, so are pink tutus and fur as protest-wear but that didn’t stop Rihanna back in January.

The secret to her success (besides being Rihanna) is that the curls aren’t crunchy. They move around like real hair instead of staying stuck in one spot the way most civilians’ hair would if we attempted this.

The product Rih’s hairstylist Yusef Williams used to achieve this look was Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls, according to The Cut.

He actually put some extensions in and used the jelly to blend Rih’s real hair and the weave together, he said, and then:

To make her hair appear wet, Williams first sprayed it with water and then smoothed over Biosilk’s Silk Therapy. He waited until the curls were nearly dry before finger-combing Oribe’s Curl Control cream: “It stays soft, but it doesn’t break away from the curls and gives it a nice hold.” Then he let the pieces fall naturally into place.

He makes it sound so easy. Check the video below for more style inspo.

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