“Girls” Showed Being Creative With Your BF Can Backfire Horribly

There’s a saying that opposites attract, but oftentimes, that’s not how things work in real life.

9-5ers find other 9-5ers to do whatever it is they do, while creative people sniff each other out in a crowded dive bar and settle into bohemian bliss.

And at some point in these creative relationships, there comes a moment when somebody gets the bright idea to do something creative together like stage a play or become the next hot Instagram couple.

But you know what?

As two of the most turbulent characters on “Girls” found out last night, it’s almost always a bad idea.

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In last week’s episode, Jessa suggested that instead of taking roles that made him come home in a rage and declare at the top of his lungs he was quitting acting, Adam needed “to make your own movie. it has to be raw and honest and real, like us with Hannah.”

So Jessa and Adam decided to do just that. And believe it or not, as soon as they actually started shooting the movie, things got awkward rurl fast.

For one, as is often the case with movies, where casting directors have an endless array of women to choose from, the actress they chose to play Hannah looks eerily like her, but more conventionally attractive.


After they wrapped a shot where Adam aggressively spanked her, Jessa came up to her and said, “Oh my God, that was hilarious. You are incredible. You really capture the inane prattle of somebody who thinks they have more power than they really do.” When in reality, that’s not what the scene looked like at all.

Jessa then turned to Adam, looking for reassurance as she said, “right?”

Only he didn’t answer her.

Then Jessa said she thought they should do another take so they could get a close-up of his “annoyance at the fact that you have to indulge her.” He dismissed her, saying, “No, I think we’re good.”

While those words hurt Jessa, they hurt a lot less than if he would have said what he really was thinking: we don’t need that shot because that’s not the way it happened.

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And things just got worse when Adam and the Hannah character shot a tender scene where she was beside herself crying about how she was going to ruin his life, and he comforted her by saying, “I don’t care if you ruin my life. At least you’ll have been in my life.”

No matter how chill of a girlfriend you are, no one wants concrete proof their boyfriend once actually loved somebody that much. Jessa visibly starts unraveling.

“I don’t understand why there’s this whole romantic bit where you swoop in and save her and act like you guys are meant to be together when this is a movie about a shit relationship,” Jessa tells him. “All you and Hannah ever did was sit around watching those shows about when fat people do up their houses or you ate Frito-Lays in bed, I don’t – and then you met me, you met me and then we had a real connection, you had real feeling, and that’s what this movie is about.”

Incredulously, Adam asks, “Did you even read the script?”

And just like that, you know there’s no real way their relationship can survive this film.

Maybe Jessa needed to tell herself Hannah and Adam were never really in love to justify going out with her best friend’s ex. But now, all her illusions have been shattered, and she’s playing the ever-so-dangerous relationship comparison game.

Now, this is obviously an extreme situation designed to make good TV, but truly, these kinds of things never work in real life.

Last year, my boyfriend’s roommates, a long-term couple who rented the basement of his split-level apartment, tried to create an app together and things ended up getting so contentious between them all they did was argue and order in Seamless multiple times a night, smoking cigarettes in the house because they were too lazy to open their back door and go outside.

So if you and your boyfriend ever feel the urge come over you to make something great, just go to the grocery store and make a bomb ass meal, or something.

Sometimes it’s best to keep your romantic and professional selves separate.

Why complicate a good thing?

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