“Girls” Proved Men In Power Always Get What They Want

The most recent episode of “Girls” was simple: Hannah had a dialogue with a famous author accused by various women of sexual misconduct.

Taking place entirely in his apartment, it’s a discussion that allows for both accounts of a single story to be properly heard. This was an episode of television that you rarely see these days. I mean, most “Girls” episodes have a dick in them, but usually when a guy whips it out I don’t yell “YOU SUCK”.

I don’t want to give too much away about the ending, but this episode was incredibly relevant to todays news cycle. The most powerful moment in the episode? When Hannah said: “I don’t consider the accounts of four different women hearsay”.


46 women came forward against Bill Cosby. New York Magazine later interviewed 35 of those women. The Bill Cosby story first garnered media attention in 2014. Formal felony assault charges were brought up on the cusp of Jan. 2016.

We were desperate to believe that this father figure and his million sweater vests built a more wholesome picture, rather than believe women. I believe true heartbreak is not the realization that our idols have fallen but the realization that we have false idols. That the people we aspire to be often suck, and are white, privileged men.

To be made to feel special by someone you think is worthwhile, well as Hannah said, “it’s not so she has a story, and it’s so she feels like she exist.”

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This episode was about sex, power and privilege. Cosby (and the fictional accused writer) have the privilege of an established title and reputation, accompanied by resources. Resources allow for possession. When the episode’s famous author was talking about everything he has tried to overturn his insomnia, Hannah sits there in perfect silence. Because we all wish we could go on a f*cking yoga retreat or see a therapist retreat when we are upset, but not all of us have those options. Privilege is the opportunity to use your resources, all resources, at your leisure.

Empowered women empower women. Living under President Cheeto’s rule, I have been hearing that phrase abound. Lena Dunham empowered women with her grit and gusto. She states later in the episode that she wants to write about the things in life that are painful. This was an episode for all the lonely hearts out there to be united against a patriarchy that deems female voices less distinguishable.

In fact, men often tell me I mumble. I have never had a woman tell me that. Ever.

I can’t end this without a small love letter to Lena in case there is the tiniest chance she reads it.

Dear Lena,

The last episode of Girls was breathtaking. I cried a lot. I watched it and then I called a few women I admire. If I had your number, I would have called you. You are a true friend.

Eternally yours,


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