Bill Cosby Finally Formally Accused of Being a Rapist

Wednesday morning, Montgomery, Pennsylvania prosecutors released a statement announcing felony assault charges against Bill Cosby. Cosby has been charged with aggravated indecent assault,  a felony in the first degree. What makes this charge so very significant is that finally Bill Cosby will face the justice system for his actions and continued alleged sexual assault. Previous accounts of assault were discounted by the justice system due to statute of limitations. However, Cosby stands to be charged this time for his attack on Temple University employee, Andrea Constand, as the statute of imitations for rape in Pennsylvania is twelve years. Since the attack happened in 2004, the filing had to be made by January of 2016. The case should be an easy one to win since, the comedian previously admitted in a 2005 deposition that he had indeed used Quaaludes to drug women without consent. While Cosby cannot stand to be charged for other crimes, the stories of other women create a narrative that Bill Cosby is indeed, an unapologetic rapist.

The Bill Cosby story first garnered media attention in 2014. In October 2014, comedian Hannibal Buress made jokes about Bill Cosby during a stand-up act. This time, compared to more private legal proceedings in the past, put Cosby on blast and the world was listening. In  July of this year, New York Magazine covered the reports of 35 female victims (out of 46 who have come forward) who were willing to have their picture taken and name released in the magazine. So, although only one of many cases is being brought to the fruition of justice, if Bill Cosby is locked up, at least forty six women get to live knowing their abuser will no longer be able to victimize others. For their sakes, and the sanctity, dignity, and safety of women everywhere, I sincerely hope the justice system forgets Cosby’s fame and money and delivers based on the facts.

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