FWD to Your BF: Celeb Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Actually Afford

Valentine’s Day is one of the many days a year when trying to live your life like a celebrity seems impossible.

While that’s mostly true, there are a handful of celebs who opt for gifts most of us regular folk could afford.

So forward this list to your boyfriend, because chances are he hasn’t gotten you anything yet anyway.

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1. A helicopter ride

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Last year, Tyga and Kylie spent part of Valentine’s Day taking in a romantic helicopter ride in New York City, which sounds super expensive, but it’s actually only kinda expensive.

This 15-minute VIP helicopter tour only costs $199.

Is it a rip off?

I don’t know, I’ve never flown in a helicopter, but the thought of literally rising above this country’s problems sounds priceless.


2. A dozen roses

My coffee table is so @cindycrawford right now.

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

*Note, these are not the actual roses Calvin Harris bought Taylor Swift, but they are roses, there are a dozen of them, and they did at one time belong to Taylor Swift.

Roses are kind of snooze gift, but boys of all socio-economic levels and follower count stratas, ranging from Calvin Harris to your high school boyfriend Chad, seem to think we want them, so there’s a slight chance you’ll be one of the lucky ones this year.

Especially because roses are available literally everywhere and they can be hella cheep.

Did you know at Costco you can even buy two dozen roses for only $16.99?

And, you might be asking yourself right about now, how can you tell if your boyfriend is one of the cheap-os?

Are your dozen roses wrapped up in a crinkly mess of plastic?

Yeah, he got those at a grocery store.

If they’re in a glass display case or a wicker basket?

Congratulations, he probably spent close to $100 on twelve roses that are going to die by the end of the week.

Either way, you may need to sit your boyfriend down to have a talk about appropriate gift giving.


3. A spatula

I’m not sure why Anna Kendrick once gave her boyfriend a spatula for Valentine’s Day, but she did and so can your boyfriend for the low, low, low price of $2.51.


4. A home-cooked meal

The quickest way to a girl’s heart is through her stomach, so this year, why not get your bf to get his hands dirty in the kitchen for you, like we’re pretty sure Zayn did last year.

Groceries for a home cooked meal that’s more elevated than the grilled cheese and tomato soup level typically cost between $20 and $50, which is about how much he’d probably be spending on you anyway.

And thanks to the wonders of technology, he doesn’t even need to leave his house to get all the ingredients he needs. All he needs is a FreshDirect account.

Way better than pretending to like whatever tacky heart jewelry or thotty lingerie — plus, you don’t even have to wear shoes!


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5. Basketball tickets

It’s time for some Clippers basketball

A photo posted by Mario (@fullbck) on

Who ever said girls didn’t like sports?

No really, who said it? Just point me in the right direction and I’ll beat their sexist toukis.

JK. My arms are weak from putting off too many workouts this year, I just wanted to be polite.

Anyway, if you’re into sports, you should have your boyfriend follow Tyga’s lead from back when he was dating Blac Chyna and buy you some basketball tickets.

While floor seats are probably out of his price range, just regular tickets cost as little as $20.

Like my grandmother Pasquini always says, the couple that gets nosebleeds together better stock up on tissues. Yuck.


6. A carriage ride through Central Park


OMG, how Sex and the City of you.

Or Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, but whatever.

Luckily for your romantic, old-fashioned boyfriend, it’ll only cost him $219 to make your romantic fantasies come true.

Sure it’s way more expensive than just getting a taxi to drive you around and you’ll probably be cold af while it’s happening, but nobody ever said romantic gestures were supposed to be fun.

Isn’t Valentine’s Day fun?


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