Female Instagram stars make more money than the guys

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ICYMI, there is still a major wage gap. And even in industries that are dominated by women, men are getting the bigger salaries and better jobs.

But there are a select few industries where women do bring home a little more bacon than the bros. Another profession to add to the list is being an Instagram star.

The reason most people might not realize this is because it’s hard to collect accurate salary data from influencers, not to mention it’s a relatively new industry, but numbers from the UK show that Instagram babes are slaying their bow tie-clad counterparts by 35 percent.

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This probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise, since most well-known influencers are women. Plus, guys might not be comfortable posing for selfies thanks to the good ol’-fashioned patriarchy.

Not to mention girls look way better thot squatting.

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If you’re depressed about your job and salary, maybe you shouldn’t read ahead – but here’s how much women are making in comparison to men in terms of paid posts.

The research found that a female with 100,000 followers can earn up to £41,600 from two sponsored posts a week, whereas a dude with the same followers would probably earn just £31,200.

Chances are, you’d be happy to receive just $20 to post a cute pic on Instagram (after all, you already do it for free), but it’s still cool to see how boss babes are slaying the social media scene.

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As for the boys, maybe it’d benefit them to take this college course for influencers?

Or, if we wanted to give their own taste of their own medicine, we’d taunt the #fitbros taking selfies with protein powder and say, “the influencer wage gap doesn’t exist!” But, we’re better that.

We’ll be over here sipping our detox tea.

H/T: Elle UK

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