There’s officially a college major for becoming an influencer

The older and wiser you get, the more you realize that going to college was probably not the best idea financially.

You spent four years and tens of thousands of dollars on a degree in some kind of field that does not directly correlate to a job at all. Like, studying international business was great and all, but somehow nobody is hiring a “international businesswoman” this days. Weird, I know.

Instead, you’re working an entry-level customer service job and hating every second of it, then scrolling through Insta on your lunch break and hating every second of the perfect girls posting #sponsored pics of them with smoothie bowls and thong bikinis.

Ah, if only instead of wasting four years bullshitting essays and blacking out with frat dudes, you would’ve spent that time building your social media pages.

Well, it may not be too late, because there is officially a college major for hopeful influencers at Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College in China.

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You’re probably laughing to yourself, thinking, “What are they going to teach, Facetune and thot squatting?” And, you might not be wrong. But then again, it’s not like a zillion girls aren’t out there doing it for free already! And with 700 million iPhone users in China, there’s serious potential to make big bucks – and have fun doing it!

The curriculum includes makeup classes, catwalk practice, dance, public relations etiquette, and more. And naturally, girls are signing up quicker than they can double-tap their fave influencer’s lately selfie.

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“I like dressing myself up really pretty and take [sic] pictures, I feel like this major really suits me,” Ms Jiang told news wire AFP.

Girl, don’t we all?

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Compared to more “acceptable” majors I honestly don’t think this is a bad idea. So many people don’t end up doing anything with their majors, and at least looking great in pics, knowing how to edit photos and videos, and perfecting the art of beating your face is something that is useful in a multitude of situations and career paths.

We wonder when the first US based school will pop up, and which influencer will take it upon themselves to turn it into their latest cash cow? Do you think they’ll give out scholarships?

H/T: Mashable

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