The “Thot Squat” Is the New Pose Invading Instagram

Duck face is so 2006.

The only reason anyone would do duck face in 2017 is if they were trying to look like a parody of themselves. Plus, all the Instagram girls have such voluptuous lips these days that they don’t need to draw anymore attention to them. No shade, BTW, I’m just jealous.

But do you know what everyone is doing on Instagram? The thot squat.

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You may not know this pose by name (yet) because our very own senior editor, Molly Mulshine, just came up with it. But you’ve definitely seen it.

Allow us to demonstrate:


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on


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It seems like a very odd, not to mention uncomfortable, position, but all the Instagram bikini models that your BF follows are doing it. Why? because it makes their asses look disproportionately huge, and 2017 is still all about ass.

Sure, it kind of looks like you’re taking a dump at a campground, but nobody seems to have a problem with it.

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And now, Kellyanne Conway has brought her version of the thot squat to the Oval Office, which is a whole nother story.


So don’t ever let your mom tell you the key to success is sitting like a lady, okay?

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