6 Excuses You Need To Stop Making For The F*ckboy You’re Dating

The only excuse you should ever have to make for your boyfriend is apologizing for him being too damn sexy.

Unfortunately, many of us seem to make excuses for our guys’ bad habits. More specifically, making excuses for him putting us on the back-burner and not making us a priority. It’s one thing to not want to text back and forth throughout the work day, but it’s another to go MIA for three days or to not call you when he said he was going to.

It’s time to stop making the following excuses for your man, face the fact that he’s a shit head, and tell him he better shape up or GTFO.

1. “He’s So Bad At Checking His Phone”

We all have (rare) moments when we’re not clutching on to our phones for dear life, such as when we’re at a concert or at work, and that’s cool. But when you know you’re going to be getting a text from your special someone, you patiently wait with that phone in your hand.

Guys are the same way. They may not have the reputation for being on their phones all the time, but trust me, when they’re talking to a girl they like, they are on their phones just as much as you are if not more. Guys even text their friends about dating apps more than girls do, according to a recent study.

If a guy says he’ll call and he doesn’t, or he “forgets” to respond to your text for three days, he’s not “bad at checking his phone,” he’s just not into it.

2. “He’s Always Super Busy”

We’re all super busy. Most of us are in school, or working multiple jobs, or trying to curate the perfect Instagram feed, or something. The thing is, if Justin Bieber asked you on a date during one of the busiest weeks of your life, you would make time for him. You may not be Justin Bieber, but a good guy will prioritize you like you’re a celebrity (or a princess, whatever).

If he’s got a big project at work or studying for his MCATs, that’s dope and we’re glad you’ve got an ambitious dude. You don’t need to text him every two seconds or get mad that he doesn’t want to go on an all-day shopping spree with you, but that doesn’t mean he should cut you out of his life for weeks at a time. If anything, he can use you as his stress relief rather than shunning you like a plague victim. If he’s really that busy, there’s a chance that he’s getting busy with someone else too.

3. “He’s Just Not Into Cheesy Stuff Like That”

Guys aren’t into flowers and #couplegoals on Instagram, they’re into BJs and Netflix. But, just like you pretend to be interested in basketball for him, he can pretend that he cares about “romantic” things. You shouldn’t feel like you have to change your guy, but if he knows that doing something sorta cliche will make you smile, he’ll do it. If he tries to tell you that he doesn’t like holding hands in public because it’s “not his thing,” then he shouldn’t be your thing anymore.

4. “He’s Playing Hard To Get”

Playing hard to get is a girl thing. Boys are not that patient or that smart. As soon as there’s a chance that they’re getting their D wet, they’re all in. If you feel like he’s playing hard to get, it’s probably because he actually is hard to get, and clearly not worth your time.

5. “He Was So Drunk”

We all do some stupid ass shit when we’re drunk, I’m no exception. Some of us are super emotional when we’re drunk, and some of us are just complete assholes. If your man falls into the second category, godspeed. It’s one thing if he’s being a drunk douche and trying to fight random dudes in the bar, but it’s another if he’s trying to fight you or trying to hook up with other chicks. One drunken mistake, shame on him, but if it’s a recurring problem and he’s consistently hurting you with his blacked out decisions, kick him to the curb.

6. “He’s Private About That Kind Of Stuff”

Facebook official relationships are a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean that your man should be hiding your existence on all social media, or from his life in general. Your man doesn’t need to post you as his #WCW everyday, but he should be proud of you and want to show you off. If he’s really that private about shit, you might want to make sure he’s not pretending to be single.

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