These 8 Steamy Netflix & Chill Classics Will Get Your Mind Off the Cold

On the east coast, it’s currently cold af with a chance of blizzard. And in the rest of the country, it’s just a good old-fashioned hungover weekend.

So it’s safe to say Netflix’s servers are going to be busy for the next 48 hours. We’ve assembled a list of eight hot, hot movies for you to watch while you get lit on winter cocktails and dream of warmer times.

All of these are currently available on Netflix, by the way. Just don’t invite over anyone you found on Craigslist.

1. Pulp Fiction

Everyone’s sweat is practically pouring off the screen in this classic. It’ll totally transport you to LA in the 90s — not a bad place to be.

2. American Beauty

One of the creepier films to be shot in sunny Southern California.

3. City of God

This takes place in Rio. Take a break from staring at the snow outside your window with dread to watch it.

4. Warriors

A 1979 cult classic about New York City gangs, “Warriors” takes place in the heat of summer, so there are lots and lots of bare-chested ruffians to go around.

5. Can’t Hardly Wait

One of the best teen movies of all time, “Can’t Hardly Wait” takes place at the biggest graduation party of the year. It’ll totally take you back to the first day of summer after your senior year ended.

6. Swingers

Vegas, baby, Vegas.

7. Basic Instinct

Thanks to über-bombshell Sharon Stone, this is one of the hottest movies of all time. Check it out.

8. Urban Cowboy

Young John Travolta and Texas. It doesn’t get hotter than that.

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