Turns Out Almost Everyone Lies About These 8 Things

“Oh my god, I love your bracelet, where did you get it?”

If someone besides Regina George said this to you, you’d probably take it at face value. I mean, why would someone go out of their way to tell you they loved your bracelet if they didn’t, right?

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Well… wrong. Turns out there are plenty of little Reginas in the world who throw out outfit compliments like word vomit, even when they don’t really mean it – 53% of people, to be exact.

Here are the other top told white lies, according to a survey done by Kaizen Search, and how many people admit to using them.

1. “I’m on my way”

If you’ve never said this B.S. while shoving a protein bar down your throat and putting your shoes on, then you’re probably a way better person that most of us, as 62% of people have admitted to lying about being on the way.

We all know it’d be better to be honest and just say that we fucked up, overslept, and are going to be 40 minutes late, but somehow we think it sounds better to lie about being on the way and praying that whoever we’re meeting isn’t going to look at the clock.

2. “I got stuck in traffic”

53% of respondents admitted to telling this lie. Thankfully, there are now so many variations on this classic lie for when you had to change your outfit 30 times and snap 10 selfies before walking out the door. You can now say “my Uber driver was clueless” or “my Lyft Line picked up two extra people.” The opportunities are endless.

3. “I like your outfit”

I guess sometimes people say this shit because they’re worried you caught them staring and judging about your ugly ass outfit. Awk.

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4. “It was on sale”

45% of people admitted to fibbing about their spending habits, which seems pointless, unless you’re spending someone else’s money. If so, go right ahead.

5. “I’m ill”

Sorry Karen, but “I’m sick” is the default lie when you want to get out of literally anything. So much so that even if you are actually sick, people probs still don’t believe you. 44% of people said that they’ve used this lie to get out of work. If you want to really boost your credibility, start talking about being sick days before whatever event you’re trying to dip out on. Or maybe upload some snaps of you laying in bed with the caption “sick af”? Get creative.

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6. “My phone ran out of battery”

This one is almost as bad as “I’m bad at texting.” Like, c’mon, who lets their phone run out of battery anymore? You probably turn low-battery mode on as soon as you leave the house and pack two portable chargers in your bag just in case. 41% of people admitted to using this lie. Don’t buy this lame excuse from a fuckboy or your BFF who always ditches you last minute.

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7. “I only had one drink”

Sounds like the type of lie you’d hear from a fuckboy after he blacks out and passed out at some random chick’s house. Classic. 36% of responders admitted to toning down their drinking habits.

8. “I didn’t have any signal”

This is even less believable than saying your phone died. And yet, even more people use it – 44% of them. C’mon ya’ll, ever heard of wi-fi?

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