These Models Invented a Marine Collagen Protein Bar

We’re about a little over a week into 2017 and healthy living is already tough. Because to be honest I’m currently in Puerto Rico surrounded by fried food and let me tell you, it is a struggle to turn the other cheek.

But don’t you worry. For those of you looking to glow up this year, I recently came across one of the keys to helping you achieve your goal: Kalumi health bars.

Founded by models Chrissy Blair and Jayla Harnwell, Kalumi is the the very first company to provide a marine collagen protein and beauty supplement bar. At first I was a little hesitant when reading “marine collagen” because I automatically relate that to E3Live a.k.a. the nastiest super food you will ever taste in your life. That stuff is so gross, you have to throw it back like a tequila shot if you want any hope if getting it down.

But after checking out Kalumi’s Instagram and seeing how these ladies seem to look radiant in every single photo they post (#glowupgoals), I knew it was something I had to look into.

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Read below the brief interview I had with Chrissy and Jayla, who met at a model apartment in Milan and have been friends ever since, to learn more about this beauty food Kalumi is blessing us with.

Disclaimer: the FDA hasn’t evaluated the claims surrounding marine collagen, as they rarely evaluate health foods. The product is hitting market at the end of January.

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What inspired the idea behind Kalumi?

The idea for Kalumi came about in January 2016. Being models, and having to travel SO much for work, we found it hard to stick to a healthy food plan. We both were consuming our miracle ingredient, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, at the time due to its high protein content and amazing benefits for your hair, skin and nails.

However, it wasn’t super convenient to travel with or available in a super tasty form. We then hit the kitchen and formed the BEAUTYfood recipe originally, for ourselves. We decided to combine Marine Collagen with our other favorite glow-promoting ingredients and created a healthy and delicious meal that is easy to transport: a protein bar. After enjoying the benefits (and taste) so much ourselves, we knew we had to share it with the world.

How did you come up with the name Kalumi?

This company quickly became our baby and while we started working on the branding, we envisioned a girly, a friendly, health-focused yet naturally beautiful and earth-loving babe. We knew we had to treat our brand as the girl we desire to be, the girl we want our consumers to know and the girl that would bring our brand to life. We spent time creating the perfect name for her: kalumi. It’s an amalgamation of the Greek word “kalon,” which means ideal physical and moral beauty and the word “luminance” which means light.

I’ve never heard of a Marine Collagen protein bar, what exactly is in BEAUTYfood bars and what are the benefits of consuming them?

Kalumi BEAUTYfood bars are carefully formulated with the highest quality and active ingredients that work together to deliver the most potent beauty-boosting and high protein snack. Some of our fav ingredients include:

Marine Collagen, the most pure and bioavailable source of protein, which will keep you satisfied longer than other sources of protein. Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen provides the building blocks for collagen synthesis, which is essential in protecting the body against ALL of the signs of aging. She is our queen.

Collagen plumps and firms the skin, leaving it hydrated from within. It can also promote hair and nail growth, aid in healing the gut, smooth and prevent wrinkles and cellulite while also supporting strong bones and joints.

Organic Yacon Syrup is a root vegetable-based natural sweetener that is full of nutrients and fiber. It has the lowest glycemic index on the market and is very low in sugar. Perfect for those who care about their bodies.

Dr. Oz swears by this stuff for weight loss as it is known to boost the metabolism. It also tastes delicious. We also include sweet potato, one of our favorite glow-promoting vegetables.

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What are the nutritional facts of the bar? How do they differ from other products such as a Kind bar?

Kalumi BEAUTYfood bars pack in 15 grams of protein for only 220 calories and 6 grams of sugar (from a root vegetable). Most protein bars on the market contain fake, toxic and disguised ingredients such as sugar alcohols, sucralose, “non-gmo glucose,” inflammatory protein sources from soy or whey and if not comprised of a fake or disguised sweetener, contain around 14g of sugar.

BEAUTYfood bars include the highest quality & most bioavailable source of protein and are all natural, GMO-free, gluten free, dairy free, and soy free. You can be sure you’re getting a top quality product.

Will you be offering products other than the protein bars?

We are working on a super exciting “healthstyle” plan with some of the industries top naturopaths, nutritionists and fitness gurus. We are combining their knowledge with tips and tricks from models and celebs to create a well-rounded, first of it’s kind food and lifestyle plan. We don’t believe in “diets” and “quick-fix detoxes,” we want to provide a truly healthy and long-term lifestyle plan.

I know both of you are models, do you continue to model or are you focusing solely on the business now?

For now we are still modeling. We both are so thankful for all the opportunities modeling has offered us and we truly enjoy doing it.

What are your some of your top beauty tips?

Marine Collagen, of course. But also, a simple & natural face cleanser, light makeup and lots of water and sleep.

Eating clean is only half the battle when trying to live a healthy lifestyle, what kind of exercise activities do you like to do to stay in shape?

We believe eating right is the biggest part of the battle, but for the other part, we both have our favorite workout regimens:

Jayla does cardio, stair climber for 30 mins three to four times a week, and strength training to stay toned.

Chrissy: finds walking for 30-60 minutes at least 2-3 times a week with the combination of lengthening and strengthening workouts such as Pilates and barre are amazing for her body type.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2017 with Kalumi?

In 2017, we want to get as many women (and men) glowing and feeling good about themselves as we can. With our product launch just at the start of 2017, we plan to make our mark in the industry and reach as many people in need of a truly healthy, fulfilling and beauty-boosting snack. We plan to spread knowledge on the importance of healthy eating and lifestyle choices as well as building a community of gorgeous, glowing and healthy Kalumini.

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