These Easy Wardrobe Updates Will Help You Slay 2017

If you’ve been focusing on your resolutions to go to the gym and finally get bangs, you’ve probably forgotten all about your wardrobe.

Not that you don’t already have a shitload of cute ass clothes, but you also don’t want your wardrobe to look like it’s straight out of 2016. Or 2014, if you’re really behind.

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But unlike your $200 Equinox membership, updating your look doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Save your holiday money while still slaying the game with these super easy wardrobe updates.

1. Get a Poppin’ Bag

Rampage coat, jeans, and bag | Forever 21 top | Vans sneakers | Candy Kids choker

Sure, a basic black bag goes with everything, but when you wear all black all the time, a bright bag is a perfect way to throw some color into your look. Assuming you don’t have the funds to cop a Birkin just yet, Rampage has a bunch of fun options like this red one.

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2. Tear It Up

American Apparel button up | Forever 21 crop top | Rampage star skinny ankle jeans | Model’s own choker | Converse sneakers

Funky jeans are popping up everywhere. Save your plain jane denim for meeting your boyfriend’s parents, and rock some fun, patched and ripped up jeans for when you’re turning your swag on.

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3. Go Long and Stay Hot

Rocawear dress

F conventional cold weather clothing, we’re totally feeling a high boot and long sweater combo this winter. Okay, maybe not in a snow storm, but for a night out at least. You’ve probs already rocked the long band tee look over the summer, so make the style last for this season with a sweater like this one from Rocawear.

4. Get a Pair of Diva Jeans


Skinny jeans have been in style for so damn long, that it’s still tough to imagine a world where there aren’t at least a good chunk of mall rats strutting around in peg-leg pants. But boot-cut and flare jeans are coming back in full force, at least with all the stylish people, like yourself. Get ahead of the trend while you still can.

5. Buy a Pair of Sweats You Won’t Be Embarrassed To Wear In Public

Rocawear hoodie and sweats | Converse sneakers

Kylie Jenner recently hacked the code of wearing sweatpants out in public whilst still looking like a sex kitten, and you can too. Unfortunately, your grey Russel Athletics sweatpants with nacho stains are probably not going to cut it. Instead, try a pair like these Rocawear ones on for size. If you’re not down to wear a sheer bodysuit on top like Kylie, a cropped hoodie like this is equally hot.

6. Get Metallic


Buffalo top, metallic shimmer jeans | Adidas sneakers

Matte lips, nails, and more were huge in 2016–but who doesn’t love shimmer? Makeup brands are switching over to metallic lip colors and sparkly shades, and c’mon, did you see Kendall Jenner’s birthday dress? For those days where you don’t have a red carpet event, you can still rock the metallic look, and these Buffalo Jeans are a perfect example of how to blend streetwear with glam.

Photographer: Tyrell Hampton


Olivia Gold 

Elena Lorenzi 

Dylan the Gypsy 

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Buffalo Jeans



Stylist: Andrea Angarica


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