Kylie Jenner Wears These Two Colors More Than Any Others

As somebody who spends a lot of time thinking about celebrities, sometimes I wind up asking myself random questions like the one I asked myself today: what colors does Kylie Jenner wear the most?

Since believe it or not I couldn’t find proof that anybody’s written about this before, I did what any enterprising young journalist would do.

I spent the next thirty minutes scrolling through Instagram to figure it out.

I tallied all of Kylie’s outfit choices from the last seven months, a number which I arrived at solely because my computer stopped loading Instagram and I decided seven months was a big enough amount of time anyway, and I didn’t count magazine shoots, throwback pictures, outfit repeats from the same day, or anything that was taken in black and white.

Here’s what I figured out.

Get ready, because it will blow your mind.

Just kidding.

The colors Kylie wears the most are black and white, a.k.a. the two colors that pretty much everybody wears more than others.

In the past seven months, Kylie’s worn black a whopping 62 times and she’s worn white a respectable 49 times.


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realizing things.

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But what’s really crazy is that none of the other colors even came close.

Kylie’s third-most worn color is blue and she’s only worn it 21 times, mostly in the form of jeans.

The next most frequently worn color for Kylie?


And guess how many times she’s worn that color?


Just ten.

Here’s a run down of Kylie’s color distribution, remembering of course that color is subjective and my camel could be your caramel.

White – 49
Black – 62
Blue – 21
Green – 10
Nude – 8
Grey – 8
Pattern – 8
Orange – 6
Pink – 6
Silver – 4
Red – 3
Yellow – 3
Camel – 2
Purple – 2
Teal – 1
Maroon – 1
Rust – 1
Peach – 1
Brown – 1
Carmel – 1

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