Which of These 3 Lime Crime Looks Matches Your Energy?

When you think holiday makeup, you think glitz and glam, right?

What if there was one makeup product that could help you achieve the metallic looks you wanted on your eyes, lips, and face?

Now, there is.

Galore is partnering with Lime Crime to show you some killer ways to wear their holiday products, the Diamond Crushers, Velvetines, and holiday bundles. Check out Wolf Tyla, Diana Veras, and Isabel Bedoya as they slay their vegan and cruelty free makeup game to match their moods.

Video Credits in Order of Appearance:

Diana Veras
Photos by Tyrell Hampton

Makeup by Caitlin Wooters, Hair by Kemi Kamugisha

Eyeshadow Venus II in Mustard

Lipstick Perlees in Penny

Lipstick Metallic Velvetines in Zenon

Diamond Crusher Diamond Crushers in Choke

Skirt and Jacket by Maryme Jimmypaul

Top by I Still Love You NYC

Makeup by Isabel, Hair by Kahh Spence

Isabel Bedoya

Photos by Munachi Osegbu

Eyeshadow Venus I palette

Lipstick (that she used as eyeshadow) Perlees in Denim

Diamond Crusher (used on lids and lips) Diamond Crushers in Trip

Lipstick Metallic Velvetines in Posh

Dress by Sext Pixels

Wolf Tyla

Photos by Tyrell Hampton

Makeup by Wolf Tyla, Hair by Wolf Tyla

Eyeshadow Venus I palette

Lipstick Perlees in Beetle

Diamond Crusher (used on top of lip) Diamond Crushers in Choke

Styling – Phil Gomez

Dress by Nous Wear

Cuff + Choker by I Still Love You NYC

Music – Serious by Anna Straker

Produced, Directed, Edited and Art Directed by
Elena De Santiago and Victoria Brandt

In partnership with Lime Crime Makeup.

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