6 Signs You’re In Denial That You’re Catching Feelings

Catching feelings can be scary. That’s probably why we call it “catching feelings” these days, as if it’s an incurable disease, rather than “falling in love.” It’s become so unpopular to actually have feelings for someone that when you do actually find a decent dude who starts to tug at your heart strings, you’re in denial. Sorry to break it to you, but everybody can probably see right through you, and here’s why:`

1. You Over-Defend Your Feelings

Once your friends notice that you’ve been seeing the same dude for a few weeks, the questions start coming. “Do you like like him?” “Do you see a future with him?” “Is he a fuckboy or nah?” The list goes on. Instead of casually answering these questions with a simple yes or a no, you find the need to over-defend yourself to friends who swear that they’ve never seen you act this way about a guy.

“No way, I’m not into him like that,” you claim. “Besides, he’s like way too blonde for me, and he’s graduating in a year so who knows if he’ll move away. I only keep him around because the dick is bomb.”

Instead of listing the reasons why it won’t work out or why it doesn’t make sense for you to be into him, face the music and realize that you are totally crushing on somebody.

2. You Play Hard To Get

You’re not into games normally, which is why playing hard to get is not usually your go-to move. But, because you’re into this dude, you end up forcing yourself to talk to other dudes, avoid making plans with your crush, etc. Because another date or “hang-out” or quickie with him could mean that you’re just going to fall deeper, and you’d rather hide out in your bed with Netflix and snacks until these “ooey-gooey” feelings go away.

3. It Takes Physical Effort Not To Text Him Back 

You know those times where you leave your phone on the table, or bed, or wherever and you can just see the screen but it’s not within your reach? You’ve gotten to the point where you can basically recognize his name flashing on your phone just from the shape of the letters. Obviously, you won’t admit this to anyone, and when his name flashes, you’ll play the waiting game and try to occupy yourself with other things (i.e: scrolling Instagram) before clicking on his message and checking out what he has to say.

4. You Look For Minor Flaws

Much like your earlier excuses for why you can’t have a future with him, you search for excuses as to why you shouldn’t like him. As you scroll back to his Facebook photos from 2009, you see that he once wore a Taking Back Sunday T-shirt and decide that’s a deal breaker. Or perhaps you notice that he has ugly feet, or still plays Angry Birds, or does CrossFit. Whatever it is, it’s probably not a valid reason for why you can’t be into somebody, but you try to make it logical in your head so that you can convince yourself to stop having butterflies in your stomach every time you see him.

5. You Swipe Your Ass Off

Another easy way to distract yourself from the guy you’re currently crushing on is to browse a bunch of other potential bae’s, and what better way to do that quickly than downloading Tinder? Even if you opt for Bumble or Hinge, it’s the same idea. Unfortunately no matter how many hot matches you accumulate, it’s probably not going to erase your feelings.

6. You Avoid “Date” Type Outings

If you and your dude’s hangouts have consisted of drunken late nights together and the occasional Netflix session, you’ll probably freak out a little when he asks you out to breakfast one morning. If you were accepting of the fact that you like this guy, you’d probably be excited that he’s asking you on a “real” date. But, since you’re in denial, you’re freaked the fuck out. You’ll likely make up some excuse about something you have to do in the morning to get out of Bacon and bae, because the idea of going on a real date with this guy just makes your relationship all the more real.

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