This Is Why We Don’t Want To “Hangout” With Guys Anymore

There are a lot of very offensive things that boys subject us females to. They hit it and quit it. They expect us to look like Victoria’s Secret models while they look like Peter Griffin. They forget to call us back for a week straight. However, something seemingly innocent has become one of the biggest offenses of them all, and I present it to you here:


No, we don’t want to hang out. Go on a date? Sure. Netflix and chill? Doubtful, but maybe. Hang out? No sir.

Some guys may wonder why this simple question of hanging out bothers us so much. We wonder when exactly did guys lose their penises while simultaneously losing half of the vocabulary and planning abilities?

Another thing that us ladies wonder is why guys think that this actually works. In the best case scenario, a girl says “yeah, sure.” But, you never actually hang out because you have failed miserably at naming a time, place, and activity for this so-called “hanging out.” At worst case? We “lose your number” and never respond to your lame-a** “hang-out” texts again.

But the real reason why we hate this 2015 courting method so much? Because it lacks effort. I mean, seriously, how long did it take you to type out “wanna hang out?” It’s 12 f*cking letters on your damn iPhone which you’re probably an expert at using. For all we know you could be sending the exact same message to twenty other chicks (and you probably are). You couldn’t have thrown an inside joke in there? Maybe our name, at least? (no, not ‘babe,’ our actual name). Second off, it makes guys look like pussies. Why? Because they can’t even properly admit that they’re trying to take you on a date (or at least get in your pants). Our best girl friends ask us to hang out, our cousins ask us to hang out, but if you’re trying to “hang out” you better at least clarify if you’re trying to chill and play video games or you’re trying to stick your dick in our mouths.

Another thing guys don’t realize about asking to hang out, is that they’re not the only ones doing it. I think 95% of guys would be floored if they knew how many guys hit up a girl on the regular. It’s a whole different story when you’re factoring Tinder, Instagram, etc. into the mix, but even just a regular old girl who doesn’t utilize dating apps is getting hit up by dudes all the time. If we could have $100 for every guy who asked us to “hang out” we could finally afford to meet guys who actually knew how to talk to girls.

It’s actually a fact that the more interesting first dates that people have, the more likely they are to stay together. And when you think about it, it really makes sense. When girls are being pursued all the time, having drinks and reciting your resume gets pretty damn old. But mini golf? Or a baseball game? At least you’ll have something to talk about other than where you went to college and how many siblings you have.

Granted, a lot of these dudes texting us to “hang out” aren’t even trying to take us on a date. They’re trying to get us over to their place and hopefully to get us rubbing on their half-chub within ten minutes. Unfortunately, most girls have gotten a little sick of this sh*t, and ‘netflix and chill’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it these days.

While getting laid has gotten easier than grocery shopping these days, I think it’s time to remind guys that they need to put in a bit more effort in order to get in our pants. Next time you get asked ‘wanna hang out?’ You might want to kindly remind the guy that the only thing that’s going to be ‘hanging out’ is his sad, sad, soft dick when he realizes he’s not getting any.

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