6 Subtle Signs That You Are Catching Feelings

Our generation avoids feelings at all costs. When you do start feeling someone besides yourself, you’re not doodling names on your notebook or putting his picture in your locket. In fact, you’re probably denying your love at all costs and pretending that you don’t feel anything. Well, hate to burst your bubble, but there’s no denying these somewhat subtle signs:

1. You Stop Swiping

As a girl in 2016, finding a guy to pursue you isn’t difficult. It’s finding one that you’re actually interested in that proves to be a struggle. As much as we women may like to call out dudes for being players or having side chicks, many of us are constantly dating, texting, or “hanging out” with multiple dudes at once.

We may justify this way: the more guys you are talking to, the less likely you are to fall for one of them and get hurt. And tbh that’s pretty fool-proof. However, if you find yourself ignoring all your Tinder messages, not feeling upset when your hot date for tonight had to cancel, or getting drunk and only texting one dude, then congratulations, you’ve caught the feels.

2. You Become a Party Pooper

There’s a reason that your group of girlfriends always starts hating on the chick who gets into a relationship, because people who are taken are less fun (sorry, it’s a fact, I’m no exception). Because dancing mindlessly at a club until 4 a.m. half-drunk isn’t actually the point most of the time — it’s just the prospect of meeting someone new that keeps you doing it. So anyone with a warm bed and a bae at home will find an excuse to leave the dance floor early for some sex and snuggles with their boo.

If you find yourself escaping the bar at 11 to meet up with your new dude or, God forbid, staying in to Netflix and chill with your fuck-buddy, he clearly means more to you than your last slam piece.

3. You Start Acting Like A 12-Year-Old On Myspace

What is it about feelings that causes us to tweet Taylor Swift lyrics or to post a 300-second Snapchat story?

Perhaps you find yourself posing for an hour’s worth of selfies in hopes that a certain someone will like (or even comment an emoji) on your photo. Maybe you notice that you keep mindlessly tweeting the lyrics to Fetty Wap’s “679,” cuz your baby boo is ~*~so damn fine though~*~. There’s a chance that you may even check your crush’s full Snapchat story with the sound on because you’re so, so interested in what he is up to and can’t wait to see. Either way, your head is in the cloud (as in the iCloud) and you’re probably secretly wishing for someone to send you a relationship request.

4. You Find Yourself Doing Creepy Shit

You know when you watch “Orange Is The New Black” and watch those creepy dudes sniff chicks’ panties and you think to yourself, “Who does that?” Well, you do, apparently.

You’re not actually sniffing your man’s boxers (because who likes ball-stank?), but you’ve caught yourself sniffing the shirt he left at your place, or perhaps his pillow after he’s dipped out in the morning. Maybe it’s not smells that get your inner creep coming out, but you find yourself 132 weeks deep into his Instagram photos. He looks like shit in every one of his Instagram photos because he’s a dude and has no knowledge of lighting, angles, or appropriate Instagram content; but nonetheless, you’ve viewed every one of his lame-ass photos.

5. You Make Excuses To Hang Out

So you know he’s probably going to text you Friday, but it’s only Monday and you really want to see his cute face/butt. Come to think of it, you do need help opening that stubborn jar of peanut butter, or you could use someone to study accounting with, never mind the fact that you’ve never studied accounting before in your life.

We all made fun of Cady Heron when she pretended to fail calculus just so she could hang out with Aaron Samuels, but when you start liking someone you may find yourself coming up with equally horrifying excuses. Next time you need quarters for your building’s laundry machine and find yourself traveling all the way to your fuck buddies house to borrow some, just know that we’re onto you.

6. You Get Upset, Regrettably

Sometimes, you don’t realize how much you care about someone until they do something wrong. Perhaps he didn’t send his usual “good morning” text or his usual “you up” text on thirsty Thursday, maybe you saw him with another girl and caught yourself wondering who she is and if she’s prettier than you. Even if whatever he did wasn’t anything hurtful or mean, that brief drop in your stomach or drunken tears show that even if you don’t say that you feel anything, you clearly do.

Although your instinct may be to pretend nothing happened so you don’t appear crazy, the more you deny that a guy is hurting you, the more he’ll inadvertently end up doing it. At this point in your non-relationship, it may be time to have “the talk,” or to stop seeing said fuckboy.

Cover image by Mackenzie Hyde

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