Watch Taylor Swift Embarrass Herself As She Raps Along To ‘Jumpman’ And Faceplants

Taylor Swift likes to pretend she’s cool/woke by rapping along to Kendrick Lamar and posing for pictures with other relevant hip hop artists like Fetty Wap and Wiz Khalifa, but we all know the truth: she’s about as cool as the average suburban mom. 

This is particularly true in a new ad for Apple Music that Taylor shared this morning. It shows her loudly rapping along to Drake’s opening verse from his hit Future collab “Jumpman” while she’s running on the treadmill.


Does this look like a playlist Taylor would listen to on the reg, or what?

We’re clearly supposed to relate to this lovable dork as she screams along to Drake while hitting the treadmill — but most people can’t scream along to Drake while they work out, because most people don’t have their own private gym. Nice try, though.

Surprisingly, the rap isn’t even the most embarrassing part of the video. That comes about 10 seconds later when she gets so distracted by the sick beats that she loses her balance, falls, and slides into a heap of limbs on the floor. 


Even better? Apparently this whole thing is inspired by a true story, according to the Instagram caption.

Obviously, it’s not hard to figure out which is real and which is Apple-inspired because let’s be real, “Jumpman” is not Tay Tay’s personal workout anthem, Apple just loves them some Drizzy. 

Watch the very LOL video in all its embarrassing glory below:

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