Only 5 Celebs Were On-Theme at the Met Gala This Year

Last night’s Met Gala was a mess of a miss.

Yes, some celebrities were serving quality lewk up and down the red-carpeted steps of the Met, but we can count the number of ladies who dressed according to the night’s theme on ONE hand.

We knew this was coming. There’s no way you can make Kylie and co. wear something shapeless and weird-looking in public unless it was a fashion show and they were literally getting paid to stomp the runway. Still, we thought more would at least try to make it work.

But no.

Most celebs walked down the runway in nightgowns or prom dresses, looking like they could have been going to any red carpet anywhere.

Wherever she is right now, Anna Wintour should be pissed at everybody, besides these five celebrities who actually followed her instructions.

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1. Katy Perry

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Katy Perry was serving up Communist Russian bride who hasn’t met a layer of tulle she didn’t like, and it was a lot, but it was what Anna Wintour asked for.

Like literally Anna Wintour asked for her to wear that dress because Katy’s kinda the face of the Met Gala this year, which means Anna pretty much personally dressed her.

Fingers crossed her career fares better than Taylor Swift’s after she got dressed by Anna Wintour last year.

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‪Rihanna wearing #CommeDesGarcons at the #METgala. ‬

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Rihanna was wearing actual Comme Des Garçons and it showed.

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3. Gigi Hadid

#GigiHadid at the #MetGala2017.

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A big brava to Gigi for being the only member of young Hollywood to figure out how to thottify the night’s theme.

It’s definitely Comme-light, but it’s vaguely architectural and shows that she was being thoughtful when she picked out the dress.

And seriously, a big kudos to Tommy Hilfiger for stepping outside of his comfort zone and designing a dress that doesn’t look like it could be worn to the country club or on vacation to the Bahamas.

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4. Rita Ora

Oh, hey #RitaOra! 😍 #MetGala |📷: John Shearer/Getty

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Rita Ora’s hair was maybe made out of paper, maybe made out of plastic, and her dress had texture and body and dared to be different.

It sort of fell apart at the bottom when it exploded into a mass of pink tulle, but still.

5. Tracee Ellis Ross

#traceeellisross in #commedesgarcons ..#MetGala2017 #MetGala #LinkInBio

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You may not know Tracee Ellis Ross, but a good portion of middle America who tunes in to watch network television live every week does. Or at least they do if they watch Blackish.

Anyway, Tracee showed up wearing actual Comme, so technically she followed the rules.

Could she have chosen a more dramatic Comme look to help her stand out?


But does she look stunning and radiant?

Yes, yes she does.

And for the record, Pharrell’s wife Helen Lasichanh also showed up wearing actual and incredibly iconic Comme, but she doesn’t count as celebrity, soooo the outfit doesn’t really count. But just for shits and giggles, here it is anyway.

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